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Ex­pand­ing its pres­ence in the productivity world, the Doc­u­ment Foun­da­tion has re­leased Li­breOf­fice 5.3. This new open source of­fice suite is de­but­ing on the pri­vate cloud while be­ing avail­able on Linux, iOS and Win­dows.

The very first change no­ticed on Li­breOf­fice 5.3 is its on­line ap­pear­ance. First an­nounced last Au­gust, the lat­est Li­breOf­fice ver­sion in­cludes the first source re­lease of Li­breOf­fice On­line. The new cloud of­fice suite en­ables ba­sic col­lab­o­ra­tive edit­ing of doc­u­ments right in your Web browser.

Li­breOf­fice On­line uses the ‘core en­gine’ of the open source pack­age. Though it was ini­tially con­sid­ered as an al­ter­na­tive to Google Docs, the Web pack­age comes as a server ser­vice, and needs to be in­stalled and con­fig­ured man­u­ally by adding cloud stor­age and an SSL cer­tifi­cate. Nev­er­the­less, the on­line ver­sion could help en­ter­prises and large or­gan­i­sa­tions with the pub­lic cloud or pri­vate cloud tech­nolo­gies. Apart from the cloud-fo­cused re­lease, Li­breOf­fice 5.3 in­cludes the new cross-plat­form text lay­out en­gine. This new of­fer­ing uses Har­fBuzz to de­liver a con­sis­tent text lay­out across all plat­forms. The Doc­u­ment Foun­da­tion has ad­di­tion­ally pro­vided im­prove­ments across lan­guages and al­pha­bets as well as of­fered a re­vised Help menu with quick links to user guides and com­mu­nity sup­port fo­rums. The up­dated Li­breOf­fice also comes with im­proved ver­sions of Writer, Calc and Im­press.

The re­fined Writer has ta­ble styling sup­port, en­abling users to ap­ply for­mat­ting to ta­bles in the doc­u­ment and has a page deck in the side­bar to sim­plify page set­ting cus­tomi­sa­tions. It also comes with a new Go to Page box to let you jump to an­other page in the doc­u­ment with just a few key­strokes.

Calc, on the other hand, now has a new set of de­fault cell styles and in­cludes a text en­try box to sim­plify the search for var­i­ous func­tions. In a fresh in­stal­la­tion, you will no­tice ‘En­able wild­cards in for­mu­las’ as the de­fault op­tion to im­prove com­pat­i­bil­ity with other spread­sheet soft­ware like Mi­crosoft Ex­cel.

The new Li­breOf­fice has also added a tem­plate se­lec­tor in Im­press to give you a quick-start ex­pe­ri­ence. Be­sides, there is a new Slide Prop­er­ties Deck avail­able in the side­bar dur­ing slide mas­ter mode.

Li­breOf­fice has at­tracted more than 1,100 new de­vel­op­ers. Michaell Meeks of the Doc­u­ment Foun­da­tion claimed that, in just the last two years, an av­er­age of 300 new peo­ple have got ac­tive on the source code. “Li­breOf­fice is backed by a fan­tas­tic com­mu­nity of de­vel­op­ers,” Meeks said in a state­ment. Li­breOf­fice 5.3 is avail­able for free down­load on its of­fi­cial web­site. En­ter­prise de­ploy­ments can work best on the more ma­ture 5.2.5 ver­sion.

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