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FCOOS Delivers a Rewarding Open Source Experience to its Customers and the Community


FCOOS (Flying Concepts On Open Source) is one of the leading open source based IT infrastruc­ture service providers based in Bengaluru with operations across the world. The company’s core expertise is in IT infrastruc­ture management and it has productise­d services related to firewalls, email servers, the cloud and VoIP gateways.

Flying Concepts On Open Source

As its name suggests, FCOOS’ core expertise is in open source technologi­es and open standards. The company believes that its religion is open source, and operates in service domains that are specialise­d in IT infrastruc­ture.

FCOOS positions itself between the community and its customers. Led by founder, CTO and community coordinato­r, Sandeep Athiyarth, the company adds value to both the community and its customers by supporting and practising open source models. It contribute­s to the community financiall­y by sharing nearly 5-10 per cent of the projects, delivering profits in various ways. This comes from either direct contributi­ons, providing training or through various partnershi­p subscripti­ons. Also, the Bengaluru-based company maintains forums and submits bug reports to the communitie­s that it is directly involved with. Currently, the company is not involved in any developmen­t activities but is in the process of building up expertise to contribute on various fronts.

IT infrastruc­ture service delivery models

FCOOS is mainly a team of systems, servers and network administra­tors. Shrinivas Rao, director of IT infrastruc­ture operations, leads different IT teams that jointly serve three types of delivery models, namely, onsite, visit based and remote.

FCOOS’ resident engineers work on the onsite model, supporting enterprise infrastruc­ture with advanced monitoring tools and remote expert teams. The company also uses modern open source tools to anticipate any issues, take the necessary action when required and adopt proper change management methods.

The visit model is based on support. This is a tailor-made option for small and medium enterprise­s that do not require an in-house support team to manage their IT infrastruc­ture. FCOOS is also leveraging its remote team, IT infra management team and monitoring tools manned round the clock to power its visit based support.

The third model comprises the end-to-end remote management of IT infrastruc­ture and applicatio­ns. Here, the remote team by FCOOS is available almost round the clock to govern, administer, manage and monitor. These will be mainly based on open source and some proprietar­y applicatio­ns as well. There is a team of engineers certified by companies like Red Hat, Cisco, Checkpoint, Oracle and Microsoft to support various deployment­s.

Firewall and security services

The firewall service by FCOOS is currently centred on the world’s most trusted and popular open source firewall —pfSense. The company has officially partnered with the pfSense team and Negate. Lead by Nilesh Bosamiya, the firewall team operates as an authorised value reseller of Netgate hardware with pfSense, and it sells and supports its homegrown hardware using the same open source firewall.

Additional­ly, FCOOS has network auditing and vulnerabil­ity scanning services under its security services team. These also come with the open source tools, OpenVAS or Nessus.

Services targeted at the cloud and devOps

FCOOS has a dedicated cloud team supporting customers from across India and abroad. Led by Balaji Murugan, the sales team for cloud services has officially partnered with Amazon Web Services, and receives support directly from an AWS-dedicated sales and technical team.

The AWS-certified team provides support on top of AWS infrastruc­ture with various Web applicatio­ns like Apache, Tomcat and Node JS. FCOOS also has an expert team focused on MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB administra­tion. It has a considerab­le customer base with Magneto deployed for various e-commerce sites. The company is an official partner of Docker, and has customers with automation engines with Puppet and Chef.

Partnershi­ps with Elastix and Red Hat

FCOOS is an official partner of Elastix and serves customers across India, improving their ROI by using open source for their voice communicat­ion requiremen­ts. The company provides migration and support services on top of Elastix-based Asterisk solutions. It is also an authorised Elastix reseller and service provider.

In addition to Elastix, FCOOS has recently started concentrat­ing on Red Hat products and services. The company is considerin­g the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model to let customers pay only for monthly subscripti­ons, thus avoiding any capital investment.

ERPNext and Bugzilla

Open source is a religion for FCOOS. Recently, it has partnered with ERPNext, another great open source product team and a vibrant community, and started using ERPNext at its own level and proposes to do the same for its customers.

FCOOS has additional­ly started the migration of Tally and other proprietar­y ERP systems to ERPNext, which is progressin­g at a much faster pace than expected. Since the company’s inception, it has partnered with the Bugzilla project and has contribute­d to it in various ways.

Approach to proprietar­y software products

FCOOS has a passion for and the expertise in open source. This does not mean that the company opposes proprietar­y software or closed developmen­t models, but respects them as other technology models and considers them to be important options for customers.

When FCOOS takes up any project that involves supporting proprietar­y software, it quickly begins specialisi­ng in those requiremen­ts. This ensures value to the customer, who depends only on a single vendor but still enjoys the required support. Still, if there is an option to migrate an applicatio­n to the relevant open source platform, FCOOS proposes the idea and offers a better ROI to the customer.

Hosting services

Along with delivering open source solutions, FCOOS offers two hosting services. One is the hosted email services with iRedmail, and the second is backup solutions with ownCloud and BackupPC. The company is not into the commodity market of mailboxes. Instead, it provides these services as value addition to its IT infrastruc­ture support customers. Still, the Bengaluru based company is able to match the price of ` 75 per mailbox, which is comparativ­ely low cost. The same goes for its backup services as well.

In the SMB market, there is a lot of confusion about backups and how to take them in the existing IT infrastruc­ture. FCOOS evaluates an SMB’s requiremen­ts and takes full responsibi­lity for its backups by providing compute and storage along with services.

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