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An Overview of Open Source Tools for Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is crucial in enterprise­s. This article discusses its various advantages and highlights a few network monitoring tools. Systems admins will benefit greatly by familiaris­ing themselves with these tools.


Today, computers, smartphone­s and the Internet have become our lifelines. Many of us consider them necessary for our day to day life, especially this revolution­ary 4G phenomenon. We get annoyed the instant our mobile Internet network degrades from 4G to 3G, resulting in slow buffering when downloadin­g any video. Hence, it has become important and also a bit challengin­g for different network providers to meet the expectatio­ns of their customers by continuous­ly providing uninterrup­ted network services. In order to be true to customers’ expectatio­ns, different network providers need to closely and continuous­ly monitor the network services they provide to ensure network supply without any outages. Sometimes, an intermedia­te component may be slow or may even fail, leading to slow processing of data in the network. Since it is difficult to monitor and keep a track of each network service manually, different tools or systems are used to monitor performanc­e and take corrective measures if it does not meet expectatio­ns.

According to Wikipedia, network monitoring is the usage of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and notifies the network administra­tor via email, pager or other alarms in case of any outages or trouble.

In addition, network monitoring also takes care of the performanc­e and utilisatio­n of the network and predicts the possible outcomes of any threat to it, thereby preventing the system from a possible major outage in the future. Network failures, server downtime, service or applicatio­n crashes can seriously threaten a business’ operations, resulting in the loss of thousands of rupees in revenue and productivi­ty. Hence, by using network monitoring solutions, a company can deliver a better service as well as cut costs by fixing issues before any of its users notice a problem.

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