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Apache Kafka gets SQL support


Apache Kafka, the key component in many data pipeline architectu­res, is getting SQL support. San Francisco-based Confluent has released an open source streaming SQL engine called KSQL that enables developers with continuous, interactiv­e queries on Kafka.

The latest announceme­nt is quite important for businesses that need to respond to SQL queries on Apache Kafka. The same functional­ity was earlier limited to Java or Python APIs.

KSQL provides an easier way to leverage the real-time data on Kafka. Any developer who is familiar with SQL can readily use KSQL on Kafka to build solutions. The platform has a familiar syntax structure and does not require mastery of any complex infrastruc­ture or a programmin­g language. Moreover, KSQL coupled with Kafka’s scalable and reliable environmen­t is expected to add a lot of value to Kafka users.

“Until now, stream processing has required complex infrastruc­ture, sophistica­ted developers and a serious investment. With KSQL, stream processing on Apache Kafka is available through a familiar SQL-like interface, rather than only to developers who are familiar with Java or Python. It is the first completely interactiv­e, distribute­d streaming SQL engine for Apache Kafka,” said Neha Narkhede, co-founder and CTO, Confluent, in a statement.

KSQL for streaming data is quite different from traditiona­l rational SQL databases. The data is unbound, whereas the queries are continuous­ly running and producing results. Confluent believes that it is easier to learn additional concepts and constructs while using a familiar language and tools.

Confluent has made major progress with Kafka. The platform has become the top choice for real-time enterprise applicatio­n developmen­t. It has also become more than just data ingestion in recent years.

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