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CoreOS Tectonic 1.7 comes with support for Microsoft Azure


CoreOS, the container management vendor, has released a new version of its enterprise-ready Tectonic platform. The new release brings Kubernetes to Microsoft’s Azure. Debuted as CoreOS Tectonic 1.7.1, the new platform is based on Kubernetes v1.7. The latest Kubernetes integratio­n arrived in May. But the new version has expanded that release with stable Microsoft Azure support. This makes Tectonic a good solution for multi-cloud environmen­ts.

“Tectonic on Azure is an exciting advancemen­t, enabling customers to use CoreOS’ enterprise-ready container management platform to easily manage and scale workloads, to build and manage these applicatio­ns on Azure,” said Gabriel Monroy, lead product manager for containers, Azure, Microsoft. The new Azure support comes as an extension to the previous Tectonic version’s compatibil­ity with Amazon Web Services and bare metal servers. Also, since CoreOS focuses exclusivel­y on Linux containers, there is no support for Windows containers on Azure in the latest release.

In addition to Azure, Tectonic 1.7.1 supports pre-configured monitoring alerts via Prometheus. There is also alpha support for Kubernetes network policies to help control inbound traffic and provide better security. Besides, the open source solution has fixes for common issues like latency of customer applicatio­ns.

You can download the latest Tectonic version from the official CoreOS website. Users who are operating Tectonic 1.6.7-tectonic.2 with Operators can enable the new release using one-click automated updates.

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