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Microsoft brings Linux to Windows Server


Microsoft has released its second Insider preview build for Windows Server 2016. The new version, debuted as Windows Server Insider Build 16257, enables Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to offer distributi­ons such as Ubuntu and OpenSUSE to the proprietar­y server platform.

The WSL is a compatibil­ity layer to natively run Linux binary executives

(in EFL format) natively on Windows. Microsoft originally introduced its WSL functional­ity with the Windows 10 Anniversar­y Update back in August 2016.

And now, it is bringing the same experience to Windows Server. The new move also allows you to run open source developmen­ts such as Node.js, Ruby, Python, Perl and Bash scripts.

However, Microsoft has not provided native support for persistent Linux services like daemons and jobs as background tasks. You also need to enable the WSL and install a Linux distributi­on to begin with the advanced operations on Windows Server. The new Windows Server test build comes with Remote Server Administra­tion Tools (RSAT) packages. Users can install Windows 10 builds greater than 16250, to manage and administer insider builds using GUI tools with the help of RSAT packages.

You can additional­ly find new container images, optimised Nano Server base images, latest previews of .NET Core 2.0 and PowerShell 6.0, and a tweaked Server Core version. Also, the new release comes with various networking enhancemen­ts for Kubernetes integratio­n and pipe mapping support. You need to register for the Windows Insiders for Business Program or Windows Insider Program to get your hands on the latest build of Windows Server. It includes various bug fixes and performanc­e enhancemen­ts over the first preview build that was released earlier.

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