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Reasons Why You Should NOT Attend IEW 2018


We spoke to a few members of the tech community to understand why they had not attended earlier editions of India Electronic­s Week (IEW). Our aim was to identify the most common reasons and share them with you, so that if you too had similar reasons, you may choose not to attend IEW 2018. This is what they shared…

#1.Technologi­es like IoT, AI and embedded systems have no future

Frankly, I have NO interest in new technologi­es like Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligen­ce, etc. I don't think these will ever take off, or become critical enough to affect my organisati­on or my career.

#2. I see no point in attending tech events

What's the point in investing energy and resources to attend such events? I would rather wait and watch—let others take the lead. Why take the initiative to understand new technologi­es, their impact and business models?

#3. My boss does not like me

My boss is not fond of me and doesn't really want me to grow profession­ally. And when she came to know that IEW 2018 is an event that can help me advance my career, she cancelled my applicatio­n to attend it. Thankfully, she is attending the event! Look forward to a holiday at work.

#4. I hate innovators!

Oh my! Indian startups are planning to give LIVE demonstrat­ions at IEW 2018? I find that hard to believe. Worse, if my boss sees these, he will expect me to create innovative stuff too. I better find a way to keep him from attending.

#5. I am way too BUSY

I am just too busy with my ongoing projects. They just don't seem to be getting over. Once I catch up, I'll invest some time in enhancing my knowledge and skills, and figure out how to meet my deadlines.

#6. I only like attending vendor events

Can you imagine an event where most of the speakers are not vendors? Where most talks will not be by people trying to sell their products? How boring! I can't imagine why anyone would want to attend such an event. I love sales talks, and I am sure everybody else does too. So IEW is a big 'no-no' for me.

#7. I don't think I need hands-on knowledge

I don't see any value in the tech workshops being organised at IEW. Why would anyone want hands-on knowledge? Isn't browsing the Net and watching YouTube videos a better alternativ­e?

#8. I love my office!

Why do people leave the comfort of their offices and weave through that terrible traffic to attend a technical event? They must be crazy. What’s the big deal in listening to experts or networking with peers? I'd rather enjoy the coffee and the cool comfort of my office, and learn everything by browsing the Net!

#9. I prefer foreign events

While IEW's was voted the ‘World's No.1 IoT event’ on, I don't see much value in attending such an event in India—and that, too, one that’s being put together by an Indian organiser. Naah! I would rather attend such an event in Europe. Hope we've managed to convince you NOT to attend IEW 2018! Frankly, we too have NO clue why 10,000-plus techies attended IEW in March 2017. Perhaps there's something about the event that we've not figured out yet. But, if we haven't been able to dissuade you from attending IEW 2018, then you may register at

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