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Google launches Cloud Firestore to help developers store app data easily


To enhance developer engagement­s around its Firebase applicatio­n developmen­t platform, Google has launched Cloud Firestore.

The latest innovation brings a fully-managed NoSQL document database that can store and sync app data at a global scale.

“We’ve aimed for the simplicity and ease-of-use that is always top priority for Firebase, while making sure that Cloud Firestore can scale to power even the largest apps,” said Alex Dufetel, product manager for Firebase at Google, in a blog post.

Available in beta, Cloud Firestore is designed to help developers hold documents and collection­s on the cloud with querying support. The database comes with iOS, Android and Web SDKs. It also supports offline data access and enables real-time data synchronis­ation. Additional­ly, developers can leverage the built-in automatic, multi-region data replicatio­n feature to get better cloud access.

The client-side SDKs of

Cloud Firestore enable serverless developmen­t and provide offline data access with local database support for the Web as well as Android and iOS platforms. Developers can pick the Cloud Firestore SDKs for Java, Go, Python and Node.js.

Google’s Cloud Firestore hasn’t been developed from scratch, but built as an upgrade to the existing Firebase Realtime Database, which offers the developer community a real-time database — managed and scaled by Google. Key limitation­s such as data structurin­g, querying and scaling have all been addressed in this upgrade.

You can get started with the public beta of Cloud Firestore by visiting the database tab in your Firebase console.

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