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F# functional programmin­g debuts on ASP.Net Core through Giraffe


Micro Web framework Giraffe has brought F# functional-style programmin­g to ASP.Net Core. The latest developmen­t also includes interestin­g features like higher-order functions that have been much awaited on ASP.Net Core for years.

Giraffe offers a different technical philosophy that uses F# features like F# types, higher order functions and partial applicatio­n of arguments.

ASP.Net developers will benefit a lot by using the framework as it enables the developmen­t of Web API routes in a functional style. F# is already supported in ASP.Net Core MVC.

Developers need to plug Giraffe into the ASP.Net Core pipeline using middleware. Microsoft has published a detailed guide to help you use Giraffe to build a Web service with F# and the .NET Core 2.0 developmen­t platform.

You might encounter some bugs since the framework is currently available in a beta stage. Having said that, the Giraffe team is working to improve the routing model for the framework.

Giraffe is known for its capabiliti­es to build rich Web applicatio­ns that are based on advanced F# features. Notably, the core of Giraffe is built on top of ASP.Net.

Microsoft maintains F# as the open source functional-first language. The language is designed to address complex computing problems using simple code.

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