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Portronics launches multi-functional portable projector

- Compiled by: Aashima Sharma

A provider of digital and portable solutions, Portronics has launched its latest projector, called Progenie. The device is a 100-lumen multimedia portable LED projector offering a 203cm (80 inch) screen and an 854 x 480 pixels resolution. It uses Texas Instrument­s’ DLP technology to ensure excellent picture quality.

With an extremely portable size of just over 7.6cm x 7.6cm x 3.8cm (3” x 3” x 1.5”), the device can project crystal clear multimedia content from a variety of sources.

It is useful for homes, offices as well as gaming due to its screen size. It can easily be connected to a DVD player, microSD card, USB drive and HDMI enabled device like laptops, streaming dongles, etc. The device comes with a multi-functional remote control with the usual functions like play, pause, stop, zoom, freeze, etc, for comfortabl­e and hassle-free usage.

The projector works on 110V-240V 50/60Hz AC power and comes with a built-in fan that keeps the temperatur­e under control. With the LED’s life span going up to 20,000 hours, the Progenie allows the user to charge 5V devices like Android, iOS or Windows smartphone­s, cameras, etc, from a USB port.

Weighing just 200g, the user can easily carry the printer around in a small handbag or a laptop bag.

The Portronics Progenie is packed with an HDMI cable, AVI cable and a tripod. It is available at both online and offline stores.

Address: Portronics Digital Private Limited, 4E/14, Azad Bhavan, Jhandewala­n, New Delhi 110055; Ph: 0955524524­5

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` 25,599
Price: ` 25,599

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