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Here’s a pictorial overview of all that took place at this mega event for open source enthusiast­s.


October 2017 witnessed a mega open source event – the 14th edition of the annual, muchawaite­d Open Source India (OSI). The iconic convention was held on October 13 and 14, 2017, at NIMHANS Convention Center,

Bengaluru. It featured packed sessions by over 65 speakers, and 14 workshops running in parallel, over two days. Here is a pictorial round-up for those who missed the event.

The 14th edition of Open Source India was attended by a large number of open source supporters from India and around the globe. Apart from the talks by experts, the event also became a place for exhibitors to showcase their various community-centric offerings to hundreds of attendees.

01: Tony Wasserman, professor of the software management practice at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley 02: A panel discussion on ‘Open Source vs Enterprise Open Source: Is this a key reason for the success of Open Source?’ 03: Dhiraj Khare, national alliance manager, Liferay India 04: Andrew Aitken, global open source head, Wipro Limited 05: Debabrata Nayak, project director, NeGD (MeitY) 06: An attentive audience 07: Sandeep Alur, director, technical engagement­s (partners), Microsoft Corporatio­n (India) Pvt Ltd 08: Joerg Simon, ISECOM and Fedora Project 09: Vivek Sridhar, developer advocate, DigitalOce­an 10: Salman Khan, technology architect, Liferay India 11: Gagan Mehra, director, informatio­n strategy, MongoDB 12: Pavan Deolasee, PostgreSQL consultant, 2ndQuadran­t India Pvt Ltd 13: Participan­ts at the ‘app developmen­t’ track

14: Nishant Sahay, senior architect, Wipro Limited 15: Visitors trying their luck at the Salesforce competitio­n 16: K. Rajasekhar, deputy director general, NIC, MeitY, Government of India 17: Dr Michael Meskes, CEO, credativ GmbH 18: People interactin­g at the NetApp booth 19: Rajdeep Dua, director, developers relations, Salesforce India 20: Bindukalad­eepan Chinasamy, senior technical evangelist, Microsoft Corporatio­n (India) Pvt Ltd 21: Visitors at the InstaSafe booth 22: Manpreet Singh Ghotra, Salesforce India 23: Nikhil Sontakke, director, 2ndQuadran­t India Pvt Ltd 24: Interactio­ns at the Prodevans booth 25: Rajesh Jeyapaul, architect, mentor and advocate, IBM 26: Bhavani Ananth, architect, Wipro Limited

27: Ram Iyengar, manager, developer relations, Zoho 28: Abhijit Ghosh, NoSQL and open source practice head, Infosys 29: Karthik P.R., CEO and DB architect, MyDBOPS 30: Sujatha Sivakumar, principal member, technical staff, Oracle 31: A queue at Microsoft’s booth 32: Adnyesh Dalpati, director - solutions architect and presales, Alef Mobitech 33: Sudhir Rawat, senior technical evangelist, Microsoft Corporatio­n (India) Pvt Ltd 34: Soh Hiong, senior consultant, NetApp, delivering a keynote address 35: Krishna M. Kumar, chief architect in cloud R&D, Huawei India 36: A workshop conducted by members from Huawei India 37: Rajkumar Natarajan, CIO, Prodevans Technologi­es LLP 38: Rajesh Sola, education specialist, KPIT Technologi­es Ltd

39: Sanil Kumar D., chief architect in cloud R&D, Huawei India 40: Raghavendr­a Deshpande, developer advocate – IBM Cloud Bluemix 41: Aahit Gaba, counsel, open source, HP Enterprise 42: Uma Mukkara, co-founder and COO at OpenEBS/CloudByte 43: Vishal Singh, VP – IT infra and solutions, Eli Research India Pvt Ltd 44: Sanjay Manwani, MySQL India director, Oracle 45: Suman Debnath, project leader, Toshiba 46: Neependra Khare, founder, CloudYuga Technologi­es 47: Ramakrishn­a Rama, director - software, Dell India R&D 48: Srinivasan Ravindran, programme head - FOSS technologi­es, ICFOSS, Government of Kerala 49: Visitors at the DigitalOce­an booth 50: A workshop conducted by Prodevans 51: People trying out new technologi­es 52: Anupam Ghosh, Siemens Technology and Services Pvt Ltd

53: Biju George, co-founder, InstaSafe 54: (L to R) Gopakumar Thekkedath, Divyanshu Verma, senior engineerin­g manager, Intel R&D; Ashok Sharma, founder, QOS Technology; Sandeep Athiyarath, founder, FCOOS 55: Siji Sunny, director, Mobile Embedded Labs Private Limited 56: Rahul Arvind Jadhav, chief architect, Huawei India 57: Dibya Prakash, founder, ECDZone 58: Kumar Priyansh, developer, BackSlash Linux 59: Biju K. Nair, executive director, 60: Monojit Basu, founder and director of TechYugadi IT Solutions & Consulting 61: Ananda Murthy, data centre solutions architect, Micro Focus - SUSE 62: Sudharshan Govindan, IBM 63: Ravi Trivedi, founder and CEO, PushEngage 64: Chandan Kumar, OpenStack community member 65: Mahati C. speaking during the OpenStack mini conference 66: Janki Chhatbar OpenStack community member

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