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Tips to make a Windows system more productive


1. Install the latest network adapter firmware, storage area network drivers, and network adapter drivers.

2. Disable all hyper-threading present on BizTalk Server and SQL Server computers.

3. Configure the antivirus software to avoid real-time scanning of BizTalk Server executable­s and file drops.

4. Review the disk controller stripe’s size and volume allocation units.

5. Optimise Windows Server’s performanc­e for background services.

6. Disable non-essential services like Messenger, Clipbook, Telephony, etc.

7. Disable intrusion detection network scanning between the computers in the BizTalk Server environmen­t.

8. Defragment all disks present in the BizTalk Server environmen­t on a regular basis.

9. Disable real-time scanning of the data and transactio­n files if antivirus software is installed on the SQL Server computer.

10. Configure firewall(s) for BizTalk Server.

11. Use the Interrupt Filter Configurat­ion tool to bind network adapter interrupts to specific processors present on multiproce­ssor computers.

12. Use the NTFS file system on all volumes. Do not use NTFS file compressio­n.

13. Assign the MSDTC log file directory to a separate dedicated drive.

14. Monitor drive space utilisatio­n.

15. Implement a strategy to avoid disk fragmentat­ion.

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