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Microsoft joins Open Source Initiative as ‘Premium’ sponsor


Microsoft has joined the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as a ‘Premium’ sponsor.

The new developmen­t has happened months after the Redmond company entered the membership agreement with the Linux Foundation and is another significan­t effort to ensure a feeling of good faith with open source contributo­rs.

“This is a significan­t milestone for the OSI and the open source software movement more broadly,” said Patrick Masson, general manager and board director, OSI.

The relationsh­ip between OSI and Microsoft is not a new one. In fact, the two organisati­ons have been in touch for more than a decade, dating back to 2005. The Windows maker even opted for an open source licence when releasing .NET in 2014, a move that explicitly demonstrat­ed the firm’s interest in the community-driven space.

“As Microsoft engages with open source communitie­s more broadly and deeply, we are excited to support the Open Source Initiative’s efforts,” said Jeff McAffer, director of Microsoft’s open source programs office.

Since the release of the open source .NET Core back in November 2014, Microsoft has become part of a list of open source communitie­s and organisati­ons such as Open Source Eclipse Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Cloud Foundry Foundation. In November 2016, the company joined the Linux Foundation to prove its support for Linux, something that CEO Satya Nadella has often mentioned at enterprise-focused events in the past.

Microsoft has joined Facebook, Google, GitHub and IBM by sponsoring the OSI. The corporate sponsorshi­p gives the non-profit organisati­on a way to

continue its initiative­s, which are dedicated to promoting and protecting open source software and its communitie­s.

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