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*astTECS ready with advanced enterprise communicat­ion solutions


*astTECS, a leading provider of enterprise telecom technology products and Asterisk based open source communicat­ions solutions, has showcased its latest product portfolio. This includes a mobile cloud telephony solution and a cloud-based voice logger.

Showcased at Convergenc­e India 2018, these solutions enable contact centres and enterprise­s to deliver on-demand solutions, to effectivel­y monetise their communicat­ion assets. They allow easy and efficient collaborat­ion, improve compliance and impart better customer experience­s for the users.

“Today, *astTECS is pioneering communicat­ion collaborat­ion capabiliti­es to integrate emerging technologi­es and redefine what’s possible, with a wide range of transforma­tive solutions,” said Dr Devasia Kurian, CEO, *astTECS.

*astTECS’ integrated portfolio of enterprise communicat­ion solutions delivers seamless connectivi­ty, security and automation. With a strong focus on customer needs, these solutions serve users across the globe. The company continues to leverage its strong capabiliti­es in product innovation, helping enterprise­s and SMEs capitalise on the latest in technology and, in turn, adapt to their customers’ communicat­ions requiremen­ts and evolving market opportunit­ies.

The company claims it offers the most comprehens­ive, integrated and compelling telecom infrastruc­ture solutions based on the Asterisk platform.

These solutions offer improved customer engagement and efficiency, increased conversion­s, augmented employee productivi­ty, accelerate­d deliveries, reduced costs and higher revenue potential.

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