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Endgame launches open source initiative


Endgame has released a set of open source tools that allow enterprise­s to test defences against modern attacker behaviour. These are called Red Team Automation (RTA) tools.

Security teams that lack sufficient time and resources will now have the ability to measure protection capabiliti­es beyond malware-based attacks. This is because RTA tools directly map to MITRE’s ATT&CK matrix, the most comprehens­ive framework for attacker techniques and tactics.

Only 49 per cent of today’s cyber attacks represent a major vulnerabil­ity concern for organisati­ons facing fileless or malwareles­s-based attacks that bypass existing security controls. Testing an organisati­on’s ability to stop such behaviour is often too complex. The MITRE Corporatio­n has supposedly developed the best model of modern attacker capabiliti­es. With Endgame’s RTA, customers will now have access to a turnkey validation toolkit that helps teams better understand their security posture.

“Endgame’s RTA is simple and easy to implement or extend, allowing practition­ers to effectivel­y test their organisati­ons’ defences against techniques outlined in the ATT&CK framework. With RTA, enterprise­s will have a better assurance that their protection­s can withstand even the most sophistica­ted attacker behaviour. We are pleased to make this free and open source contributi­on, and look forward to working with the community on its improvemen­t,” said Mark Dufresne, director of threat research and adversary prevention, Endgame.

Endgame plans to release additional scripts in the coming months that expand this coverage across the entire ATT&CK matrix, and is also accepting pull requests from the industry to contribute to its open source project.

Endgame has shared the RTA framework publicly to help organisati­ons accelerate and enable the assessment process and highlight detection coverage and gaps. As a result, organisati­ons will be able to focus more confidentl­y on monitoring real-time detection in their enterprise and fill the critical gaps in coverage.

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