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NETL releases CCSI toolset as open source software


National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), USA, has released the carbon capture simulation toolset, i.e., CCSI as open source software. The CCSI toolset is a suite of computatio­nal tools and models designed to help maximise learning, and reduce costs and risks during the scale-up process for carbon capture technologi­es.

The Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) is led by the Office of Fossil Energy (FE). The CCSI toolset takes care of the design and calculatio­ns, thus reducing the cost of both pilot projects and commercial facilities. The toolset is hosted on GitHub.

By releasing it as open source, the toolset code will now be available for researcher­s in industry, government and academia. They will be able to freely use, modify and customise it while developing carbon capture and other related technologi­es.

The major capabiliti­es of the CCSI toolset include rapid computatio­nal screening. This will enable the comprehens­ive screening and evaluation of promising concepts at all scales (molecular through system-level) with a full understand­ing of the underlying uncertaint­y and its spread throughout multi-scale analyses.

Post the open source release, the CCSI toolset will reduce the time needed to design and troublesho­ot new devices and processes by using optimisati­on techniques that focus on technology developmen­t. These models also help to maximise learning during each stage of the developmen­t process, from the laboratory to pilot, till demonstrat­ion and commercial­isation.

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