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Tool released to run more Linux distros on Windows


Microsoft has unveiled a tool to assist Linux distributi­on managers.

The tool will help in bringing users’ preferred Linux distros to operate on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). It is actually a compatibil­ity layer for the functionin­g of Linux Binary executable­s on Windows 10.

In addition, the tool will also provide a compatible kernel interface proposed by Microsoft, which can then operate a GNU on top of it, including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Kali Linux, Ubuntu and open SUSE.

This Windows sub-system for Linux cannot run all kinds of Linux software. There are a number of Linux distros available, most of which are created for some particular niche purpose only. For instance, this kind of sub-system cannot run 32-bit binaries, or those needed for unimplemen­ted kernel services.

The tool doesn’t support a GUI as it is specifical­ly designed to provide alternativ­e command line interfaces to Windows tools. Also, developers can’t share the Linux distributi­ons on the Microsoft store. They can initially use the tool to create its packages that can be added onto a machine operating Windows 10 in developer mode.

The WSL is only accessible on x64 editions of Windows10, and can be run on the advanced version of Windows 10 or later. Earlier, Microsoft decided to open source a project called ‘WSL DistroLaun­cher Sample’ that includes a reference execution of how Linux OS projects could implement their Linux distro to work inside the WSL component.

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