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LTI to enable launch of new blockchain based solutions


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (LTI) has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). In pursuit of Ethereum-based enterprise technology best practices,

LTI will collaborat­e with industry leaders. The EEA membership will help it scale its blockchain expertise.

Being an EEA member, LTI will also explore open standards, and open source reference architectu­res.

LTI is already known to be working with several clients across banking, financial services, insurance, manufactur­ing, energy, media and the government. It is helping them to monetise the benefits of blockchain through disruptive business models, improved customer experience and significan­t cost reduction.

Sanjay Jalona, CEO and MD, LTI said, “LTI is an early adopter of blockchain with rich solutions and global clients for payments, supply chain and enterprise integratio­n solutions. We are investing to combine the power of blockchain with other exponentia­l technologi­es like IoT and cognitive to add speed, transparen­cy and trust to the entire ecosystem. Our membership with EEA will help us scale our blockchain expertise further.”

The company has also built an innovation ecosystem leveraging partnershi­ps with academia, startups and major technology providers. LTI has built several ready-to-deploy solutions in the areas of trade finance, supply chain, travel insurance, and rights and royalty management, among others.

The EEA’s industry-focused, member-driven working groups are each tasked with creating and delivering specific advancemen­ts to the developmen­t and use of Ethereum-based technologi­es.

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