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NRMA In­surance launched an in­ter­ac­tive mo­tion ac­ti­vated out­door in­stal­la­tion in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia, as part of its Mo­tor extras cam­paign. The cam­paign highlights how many car parts other in­sur­ers con­sider “extras” and don’t au­to­mat­i­cally cover. And there are so many parts, they cre­ated a car us­ing them. While cre­at­ing the real car, NRMA also de­vel­oped an iden­ti­cal 3D model of it for the in­stal­la­tion, which in­cluded all the extras from the real car, in­clud­ing metal­lic paint, air con­di­tion­ing, al­loy wheels, re­vers­ing sen­sors and even the same 5 car mod­els. The in­stal­la­tion uses a Pana­sonic time of flight (sim­i­lar to Mi­crosoft Kinect) sen­sor, en­abling peo­ple to in­ter­act with the car in a dig­i­tal out­door set­ting and dis­cover for them­selves the parts of cars that are not au­to­mat­i­cally cov­ered by other in­sur­ers. The sen­sor uses in­frared tech­nol­ogy to de­tect a user stand­ing in front of the in­stal­la­tion. By mov­ing their body and hands, they can ac­ti­vate the screen, move the car, watch a video and dis­cover car parts that may not be in­cluded as stan­dard with other in­sur­ers. Un­like pre­vi­ous sen­sor tech­nol­ogy, this can all be done in an out­door en­vi­ron­ment and un­der direct sun­light – a world first. The agency be­hind this cam­paign is Why­bin/ TBWA/Te­qui­lal

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