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The youth chan­nel of UTV, Bindass is all set to create a new iden­tity with its changed logo and tag line - “Be­cause there are those who ‘rest-less and then there are the rest…’. This new cam­paign is aimed to de­pict to­day’s youth and their life­style. “A key trait that marks youth be­hav­ior to­day is a sense of con­stant mo­tion; ev­ery­one is ei­ther go­ing some­where or do­ing some­thing all the time. Set­tling down is fast go­ing down the pri­or­ity list. The bub­bling un­der­cur­rents of dis­cov­ery, ex­plo­ration, invention, chal­lenge, ac­tion seem to top that list. The new brand cam­paign for Bindass cap­tures pre­cisely this, that the youth to­day are ‘Rest Less’ and ac­tu­ally rest even lesser. We had ear­lier worked on Bindass’ im­mensely suc­cess­ful ‘What I am’ cam­paign as well which re­ally caught on with the youth and this time around with Rest Less we hope to con­tinue con­nect­ing with them yet again,” says Agnello Dias, Chair­man and Co­founder, Tap­root In­dia, the creative agency be­hind this cam­paign. While Tap­root In­dia is the creative brain of the cam­paign the OOH ba­ton was han­dled by Alakh Ad­ver­tis­ing and Pi­o­neer Pub­lic­ity. Tar­get­ing the age group of 17-25 years, the brand has rolled out a 360-de­gree mar­ket­ing cam­paign which en­cour­ages the youth to do more and achieve their dreams. And, their larger-than-life cre­atives clearly de­pict the brand’s all new phi­los­o­phy - ‘Rest less’. The cam­paign of course is aimed at the su­per con­fi­dent youth who wants to achieve and ex­pe­ri­ence ev­ery­thing that is new and chal­leng­ing. UTV is hop­ing to help them meet their de­sires and make a dif­fer­ence in their lives. Hence, they are go­ing all out to draw a con­nec­tion with the au­di­ence through this new iden­tity. “The com­mu­ni­ca­tion strat­egy be­hind this cam­paign was to spread the chan­nel’s new tagline ‘Rest-less’. It is an ex­tended ver­sion of ‘What I am’ tagline that we had ear­lier. Through this, the idea was to reach out to the rest­less peo­ple who want to do some­thing new. We

Agnello Dias Chair­man and Co-founder Tap­root In­dia

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