5 Dos

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1) En­ter gen­uine work and not work cre­ated just for

awards 2) Read and un­der­stand the cat­e­gory de­scrip­tion and craft the en­try to suit the same Tell your story well. At­tach a video pre­sen­ta­tion if pos­si­ble to sup­port the en­try 4) Spec­ify the result achieved wher­ever pos­si­ble in as ob­jec­tive a man­ner as pos­si­ble - could in­clude clients com­ments too 5) Last but not the least, catch the at­ten­tion of the

ju­rors in the first few min­utes

3) 1. En­tered without un­der­stand­ing the cat­e­gory

de­scrip­tions and qual­i­fiers 2. Good work but pack­aged very poorly - I would re­quest en­trants to take award se­ri­ously and use pro­fes­sional help if re­quired 3. Too much text. Try and keep the fo­cus on the bul­let points and elab­o­rate them ob­jec­tively within the per­mis­si­ble word count “I would like to see some real work which have de­liv­ered on the brand/com­mu­ni­ca­tion ob­jec­tives and en­tered in a way that can cap­ture my imag­i­na­tion and tell me a story within the first few min­utes to make it award wor­thy without de­bates.” signs off Ye­su­das.

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