Dis­rup­tion = Change = Growth… or is it?

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WKHQ wH Dt 2XtGoor AViD witK oXr tKiQN-tDQN sweated it out, pool­ing all our thoughts and iGHDV toJHtKHr Ior tKH BiJ EvHQt (tKH 2XtGoor Ad­ver­tis­ing Con­ven­tion 2012), there was this press­ing, force­ful, need to push bound­aries, to go be­yond tame dis­cus­sions laced with nice sound­ing jar­gon and ac­tu­ally usher in some ac­tion gen­er­at­ing iGHDV, mDNH cKDQJHV Vtorm iQ witK D comSODcHQc­Hdis­rupt­ing ur­gency. In other words, we wanted to re­ally pack a punch into those two days of brain storm­ing ses­sions. And thus was born our theme for 2AC 2012- ‘DiVrXSt tKH StDtXV 4Xo’. AQG , mXVt VDy we man­aged to do a lot of that. If you read this is­sue you will get an idea of what I’m talk­ing about. There were these folks, all rep­re­sent­ing dif­fer­ent sides of the in­dus­try, from the client to the agency to the me­dia own­ers’ side, all bright minds do­ing IDQtDVtic worN, DQG DOO VHHNiQJ DQVwHrV to qXHV­tioQV that have far too long been loom­ing large in the in­dus­try. In fact, it was this col­lec­tive voice, throw­ing qXHV­tioQV oXt iQ tKH oSHQ, VDy­iQJ “ComH oQ JXyV, let’s thrash it out” that re­ally gave an edge to the event and which makes us feel vin­di­cated about hav­ing cho­sen this theme. And it all boiled down to get­ting our act to­gether, sort­ing out our dif­fer­ences and putting our money where the mouth is.

And of course as many of you are aware, OAC is also about rec­og­niz­ing the best in the in­dus­try, so don’t miss the de­tails on the Out­door Ad­ver­tis­ing Awards -- 2012. WKDt iV rHmDrNDbOH DboXt tKiV yHDr’V 2AA 2012 is that it marked a new record by re­ceiv­ing the high­est num­ber of en­tries in its his­tory: a to­tal of 588! 7KiV ob­vioXVOy rHflHctV tKH Jrow­iQJ SoSXODrity oI the Awards. The en­tries were judged by two sep­a­rate and ver­i­ta­ble jury pan­els com­pris­ing the best brains iQ tKH VHJmHQt. WKDt DOVo JivHV mH im­mHQVH sat­is­fac­tion is that the process of se­lec­tion this year was a ruth­lessly rig­or­ous one, leav­ing no scope for any­thing less than ex­cel­lent to en­ter the short­listed cat­e­gory. Thus, in a way you could say it was like purg­ing the whole sys­tem of any­thing that would HQ­coXrDJH mHGi­ocrity. FXrtKHr, ErQVt & YoXQJ comiQJ oQ boDrG DV tKH DXGit tHDm HQKDQcHG tKH HI­fi­ciHQcy of the process. And we are glad we had them. And then of course we have our sta­ple diet for you in the is­sue – cam­paigns sto­ries, innovation­s, up­dates etc. And it all only goes to prove that in spite of all the chal­lenges, when it comes to it, Out­door is still the most pre­ferred choice to cre­ate in­stant re­call, wKHtKHr it’V D UQiQor tDNiQJ XS D Vo­ciDO cDXVH, DQ AGiGDV Sro­motiQJ itV EXro 2012 rDQJH or D WHVtHrQ UQioQ wDQtiQJ to brHDN tKH cOXt­tHr. RHDG oQ… DQG oK Happy Dis­rupt­ing!

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