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The Out­door Ad­ver­tis­ing As­so­ci­a­tion of Kolkata newly rHQDmHG DV 2AA WHVt BHQJDO KDG itV 40tK AQQXDO Gen­eral meet­ing and gen­eral elec­tions of the Gov­ern­ing BoGy oQ MDy 26, 2012 Dt. 2Xt oI tKH totDO 126 oXtGoor me­dia own­ers, 88 mem­bers tooN SDrt iQ tKH AGM. MDQy im­por­tant res­o­lu­tions were un­der­taken and amend­ments were made dur­ing the course of the meet­ing. Kesto Saha oI .DrXNrit wDV XQDQi­moXVOy HOHc­tHG PrHViGHQt, wKiOH ArXS CKowGKXry oI .iQJ SitH, AVKiI BiVwDV oI ArXQ SiJQ and Deepak Samanta of Im­age Ad were unan­i­mously elected as Sec­re­tary, Trea­surer and As­sis­tant Trea­surer of the as­so­ci­a­tion re­spec­tively. Some of the im­por­tant res­o­lu­tions un­der­taken dur­ing tKH mHHtiQJ wHrH -

2AA wiOO SroSoVH tKDt DQy oI tKH CDbiQHt MiQiVtHrV oI WHVt BHQJDO, or MDyor oI .oONDtD or DQy otKHr HmiQHQt SHrVoQ bH­comH tKH ‘CKiHI PDtroQ’ oI tKH DVVo­ciD­tioQ

The ten­ure of the elected body would be for a pe­riod of 3 years. An ad­di­tional post of ‘Chair­man’ was cre­ated to mon­i­tor the func­tions of the gov­ern­ing body

1ir­mDO 7KDNXr, Hx-VHcrHtDry oI 2AA, wiOO bH tKH VSoNHVSHrV­oQ Ior 2AA WHVt BHQJDO San­jeev Ha­jela, a mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sional with al­most two DQG D KDOI GHcDGHV oI HxSHriHQcH joiQV Irom DDB MXGrD GroXS wKHrH KH wDV PrHViGHQt - RHtDiO DQG WDy IiQGiQJ bXViQHVV. A ca­reer that com­menced with ITC (tobacco Division) from 1988 un­til 1995, has OHG +DjHOD SODcHV. From hereon he worked with BrowQ For­mDQ BHvHrDJHV WorOGwiGH, D US IortXQH 500 Com­pany mar­ket­ing bour­bon whiskeys and SrHVtiJioX­V WiQHV. BrowQ For­mDQ wHQt iQto D joiQt vHQtXrH DQG IOoDtHG tKH ,QGiDQ op­er­a­tions with Ja­gatjit In­dus­tries in In­dia where he launched two global brands be­fore he moved on in SHS 98. +DjHOD tKHQ joiQHG LG cKHmicDOV, .orHD DV MDrNHtiQJ MDQDJHr, to VHt XS tKHir oSHrD­tioQ iQ tKH ,QGiDQ MDrNHt. ,Q JXQH 2001, KH movHG to PrimHVitH DV CKiHI MDQDJHr iQ tKH 1Hw DHOKi oIIicH. 9iNrDm BKDrGwDj briQJV witK Kim DO­moVt 10 yHDrV oI mar­ket­ing man­age­ment ex­per­tise and re­source­ful in­sight i n s t r a teg i c mar­ket­ing method­olo­gies. He moves to Cheil from 7KoXJKtBXz­z,QGiD, D SrHmiHr So­ciDO MHGiD BrDQG MoQi­toriQJ Com­pany where he was Coun­try Head. BKDrGwDj com­mHQcHG his pro­fes­sional life with JHt Air­wDyV DV MDQDJHr ,QIOiJKt SHr­vicHV wKHrH KH worNHG Irom 1998-2004. He then moved into the tech­nol­ogy space as a se­nior trDiQHr Dt , BM, wKicK wDV IoOOowHG by BXViQHVV DHvHOoSmHQ­t roOHV Dt W1S DQG AQQiN 7HcKQoOoJy Ser­vices. In the re­cent past, he has worked as DirHc­tor BXViQHVV DHvHOoSmHQ­t witK BXzziQ­towQ. From 2008-2010 KH worNHG witK 9HGD ,QIor­mDticV DV DirHc­tor MDrNHtiQJ, mDQDJiQJ VtrDtHJic SODQQiQJ busi­ness de­vel­op­ment, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and ser­vice de­liv­ery aimed to­wards op­ti­mum client sat­is­fac­tion.


San­jeev Ha­jela Sr. 9P B7L-SoXtK B7L -SW AViDQ MDrNHtV-CKHiO WW SW AViD

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