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Seek­ing to bridge the gap be­tween the priv­i­leged In­dia and the greater In­dia that is still vul­ner­a­ble and look­ing Ior VXSSort, UQiQor, oQH oI tKH IDVtHVt tHOH­com VHr­vicH providers in the coun­try, re­cently de­cided to launch pub­lic DwDrHQHVV cDmSDiJQV Ior Vo­ciDO cDXVHV. LHvHrDJiQJ tKH out­door me­dia mix, the brand has man­aged to elicit some good par­tic­i­pa­tion in these ini­tia­tives. Out­door Asia ex­plores one such ini­tia­tive the brand kicked off in Kolkata re­cently. Shimul is an NGO based out of Kolkata that works rHOHQtOHVV­Oy Ior IHmDOH riJKtV DQG UQiQor, DV SDrt oI itV so­cial aware­ness cam­paigns, de­cided to sup­port this or­ga­ni­za­tion and in the process lend a voice to the cause of women’s em­pow­er­ment in Kolkata. The com­pany or­ga­nized a run in the city in sup­port of the cDXVH. ,t bHJDQ Irom RDbiQGrD SDrowDr StDGiXm Dt 6 Dm in the morn­ing to Gol­park and back (a stretch of 5kms) and ended by 9:30am and the event was well sup­ported by dif­fer­ent OOH el­e­ments. SSHDNiQJ DboXt it, RoQit MitrD, MDr­com +HDG (R2BW), UQiQor, VDiG, “AOO tKH SoVVibOH 22+ mHGiXmV wHrH thor­oughly ex­plored to com­mu­ni­cate such a noble iQi­tiD­tivH, bH it KoDrGiQJV, BXV SKHOtHrV, PoOH .ioVNV, Traf­fic Con­soles or Sig­nages and no doubt out­door played D SKHQomHQDO roOH iQ tKiV Sro­jHct oI UQiQor.” RoQit MitrD IXrtKHr DVVHrtHG, “2Q tKH GDy oI tKH rXQ, OOH medium added a new life to the whole sce­nario with ef­fec­tive ban­ners, plac­ards and poles mak­ing UQiQor viVibOH Dt HvHry SoVVibOH corQHr oI tKH 5Nm VtrHtcK.” 7KH HQtirH VtDII oI UQiQor .oONDtD DQG DOO tKHir part­ners and ven­dors par­tic­i­pated in the run. Said .iQJVKXN +DOGDr, Ac­coXQt DirHc­tor, LHo BXrQHtt, “2Xr idea was to put across the right­eous mes­sage for which this project was taken up and out­door has given a wide cov­er­age here in the city.” Ami­toVK Roy, MDr­com +HDG (.oONDtD), UQiQor, IXrtKHr added talk­ing about the im­pact of the cam­paign, “The im­pact of the cam­paign was be­yond our hope as there wHrH morH tKDQ 1600 SHoSOH rXQQiQJ Ior tKH cDXVH wKo came from var­i­ous walks of life and rep­re­sented all kind oI DJH JroXS: .iGV, tHHQDJHrV, miGGOH-DJHG SHoSOH DQG HvHQ VHQior cit­izHQV. 7KXV tKH IootIDOO wDV 60% morH than our ex­pec­ta­tion.” Such so­cial cause marathons or­ga­nized by the brand have al­ready taken place in four other states and Kolkata was the fourth des­ti­na­tion to ex­pe­ri­ence it. The bD­toQ KDV Qow bHHQ KDQGHG ovHr to MDKDrDVKtr­D DQG tKH QHxt GHVtiQD­tioQ iV PXQH, wKicK wiOO Qow rXQ Ior D cause with UQiQor.

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