Nes­tle’s out­door ‘funda’

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es­tle’s “Ju­nior Da­heez” iV D firVt oI itV NiQG SroGXct in In­dia spe­cially de­vel­oped for grow­ing kids. The SroGXct’V tDJOiQH iV “GrowtK ND 1DyD FXQGD” DQG it iV DvDiODbOH iQ rHDO IrXitV vDriDQtV oI MDQJo DQG StrDw­bHrry. The Nes­tle team de­cided to launch the prod­uct in Delhi us­ing an ex­ten­sive out of home (OOH) cam­paign with more than 50 + sites in the city. The cre­ative of the cDmSDiJQ GHvHOoSHG by PXbOi­ciV CDSitDO VKowcDVHG DQ im­age of a Toy Train car­ry­ing the two cups of Ju­nior Dahi . The cre­ative also dis­played the mes­sage, “Dahi - JXVt Ior jXQiorV ” DQG ViJQHG oII witK tKH SromiVH oI ‘GrowtK ND 1DyD FXQGD’. 7KH iQQovD­tioQ iQ tKH cam­paign in­cluded the ro­tat­ing cups on the train meant to cDtcK morH HyHbDOOV Iorm tKH Griv­iQJ trDIfic. 7KH 22+ cDmSDiJQ wDV HxHcXtHG by MiOHV­toQH BrDQG­com DQG wDV VSrHDG DcroVV vDri­oXV oXtGoor Ior­mDtV iQcOXGiQJ biOOboDrGV, XQiSoOHV, bXV qXHXH VKHOtHrV, OocDtHG Dt mDjor ar­te­ri­als roads of Delhi to op­ti­mize im­pact. The brief to the agency was very clear: to de­liver the most im­pact­ful plan for the launch of Ju­nior Dahi and the team seems to have de­liv­ered just that. The camSDiJQ NicNHG oII oQ MDy 18 and con­tin­ued till the 1st week of June

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