‘Wa­ters’ flows with the trend

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Wa­ters Corp is a com­pany which for the past 50 years has de­vel­oped in­no­va­tive an­a­lyt­i­cal sci­ence so­lu­tions to sup­port cus­tomer dis­cov­er­ies, op­er­a­tions, per­for­mance, and reg­u­la­tory com­pli­ance. The com­pany GH­ciGHG to NicN oII DQ imSDc­tIXO cDmSDiJQ Dt B,AL (BDQJDOorH ,QtHrQD­tioQDO AirSort) to crHDtH DwDrHQHVV DboXt “WDtHrV” by rHDcKiQJ oXt to tKH VoSKiVticD­tHG DQG wHOO-rHDG SDVVHQJHrV tKDt comSriVHG itV 7G. 7KH brief to the agency JCDe­caux there­fore was to cre­ate strong brand aware­ness in the In­ter­na­tional ar­rival and com­moQ Dr­rivDO DrHDV iQ B,AL. StrDtHJic OocD­tioQV wHrH thus cho­sen to pro­vide mul­ti­ple touch points in the am­bi­ent air­port en­vi­ron­ment, gen­er­at­ing high re­call. The JCDe­caux team cre­ated a dom­i­nat­ing pres­ence for WDtHrV tKroXJK D 3m x 29m (K x w) wDOO brDQGiQJ, D JiDQt OiJKt box DOoQJ witK D VtDtH-oI-tKH-Drt totHm. So tKH mo­ment the in­ter­na­tional ar­rival pas­sen­gers en­ter the pass­port con­trol zone, they are greeted by a mas­sive wDOO brDQGiQJ oI WDtHrV, wKHrHiQ tKH wKoOH wDOO iV con­verted into a huge mes­sage board with a strik­ing cre­ative high­light­ing their ex­per­tise in dif­fer­ent zones of chem­i­cal test­ing. The im­pact gets stronger when SDVVHQJHrV trDvHO IXrtKHr. For HxDmSOH, tKH GiDQt LiJKt box be­fore the se­cu­rity con­trol area pro­vides repet­i­tive rHcDOOV DQG Vo GoHV tKH JiDQt totHm Dt tKH cKHcN-iQ DrHD. 7KH rHSHti­tivH HxSoVXrH to WDtHrV cDmSDiJQ GHOivHrV SHrIHct viVibiOity DQG KHOSV iQ crHDtiQJ OoQJ-tHrm rHcDOO for the brand

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