OAC 2012: Two days of Dis­rup­tion!

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On 8th & 9th June’ 2012 OAC 2012 was hosted at Re­nais­sance, Powai, Mum­bai, and the event stand­ing true to its vin­tage style had the Con­ven­tion, Expo and Awards. This year OAC 2012 was fash­ioned around the theme ‘Dis­rupt the Sta­tus Quo’. The rea­son for this was ob­vi­ous. You see, in spite of nu­mer­ous ef­forts taken for sLJQL­ficDQt trDQs­fRrPDtLRQs, tKH rHDOLty Ls dLf­fHrHQt. Is­suHs which are as old as the in­dus­try’s bill­boards continue to plague us. Thus, it was time to lever­age OAC 2012 as a plat­form to try and ‘Dis­rupt the Sta­tus Quo’. The in­ter­ac­tions and plan for ac­tions that hap­pened at the &RQYHQtLRQ rHflHc­tHd wHOO tKH YLsLRQ DQd DLP wLtK wKLcK tKH theme was ze­roed on. Day one of OAC 2012 con­ven­tion had an en­rich­ing start with the Key­note Ad­dress of Mr. 5DQMDQ .DSur, &RuQtry 0DQDJHr – IQdLD, W33 DQ LQ­dus­try vet­eran who kept the au­di­ence spell­bound with his suave style as he shared his valu­able wis­dom and spoke on the tRSLc “AdDStLQJ tKH sQRwEDOO SDrDEOH fRr tKH 22H IQ­dus­try LQ IQdLD”. HLs sHssLRQ sHt tKH SHr­fHct tRQH fRr tKH twR dDy con­ven­tion. WKDt fROORwHd wDs D EOHQd Rf strDLJKt tDOk, cROODERrDt­LYH ideas, and pas­sion­ate and open dis­cus­sions. The con­ven­tion had an apt mix of brand mar­keters, spe­cial­ist agen­cies, me­dia ex­perts, me­dia con­ces­sion­aires all speak­ing their mind and paving ways to dis­rupt the cur­rent sta­tus quo. Some of the key ses­sions at OAC 2012 were in­ter­est­ing panel dis­cus­sions that ‘hit where it hurts the most’. WH KDd, ‘&ut­tLQJ tKH 22H GRrdLDQ .QRt’ 3DQHO DLs­cussLRQ which was mod­er­ated by Sandip Tarkas, Pres­i­dent &RQ­suPHr 6trDtHJy (Fu­turH GrRuS), DQd &E2 Fu­turH 0HdLD, &E2 (T24) DQd 0HHQDk­sKL 0HQRQ, FRuQdHr &

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