OAA 2012: DDB Mu­dra, Mile­stone Brandcom steal the show

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It wDs D dDy Rf rHcRJQLtLR­Q DQd cHOHErDtLR­Q. 2Q 9tK -uQH’ 2012 tKH 2ut­dRRr AdYHrtLsLQ­J IQ­dus­try cel­e­brated them­selves and their work as OAA 2012 hon­ored and rec­og­nized peo­ple who have con­trib­uted to con­tem­po­riz­ing, en­er­giz­ing and lever­ag­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ties in OOH for best ef­fect. IQcLdHQtDO­Oy, tKLs year OAA 2012 marked a new record by re­ceiv­ing the high­est num­ber of en­tries in its his­tory: a to­tal of 588 en­tries. This over­whelm­ing rHsSRQsH rHflHcts the grow­ing pop­u­lar­ity of Out­door Ad­ver­tis­ing Awards and the fer­vor with which the en­tries com­pete. The 588 en­tries were judged by two sep­a­rate jury pan­els, one for the cre­ative and the other for the me­dia en­tries re­spec­tively and the judg­ing was done sep­a­rately on two dif­fer­ent days. The crHDtLYH Mury cRQstL­tutHd tKH EHst ErDLQs LQ tKH IQdLDQ ad­ver­tis­ing. They in­tri­cately ob­served, an­a­lyzed the idea, the ex­e­cu­tion and im­pec­ca­bly eval­u­ated the en­tries. The me­dia jury was an apt blend of brand mar­keters, spe­cial­ist agency ex­perts and me­dia pro­fes­sion­als and be­ing the ones who live and breathe the medium, they sure put their best foot for­ward to en­sure that the most de­serv­ing wins. This year we also had an Ernst & Young team man­age, over­see and au­dit the whole process, which sure is a mark and tes­ti­mony to the authentica­tion of OAA. Com­ing to the most awaited it­self, a to­tal of 53 met­als were given out on the Awards evening, of which there wHrH 18 GROds, 21 6LOYHrs, DQd 14 BrRQzH. WLtK 14 met­als in their kitty DDB Mu­dra Max was lead­ing, closely fol­lowed by Mile­stone Brandcom who took home 9 PHtDOs. AQd tKHQ tKHrH wDs GrRuS 0-DLDORJuH FDc­tRry DQd BDtHs WDOOstrHHt wKR wRQ 3 PHtDOs, fROORwHd Ey 0206 2ut­dRRr 0HdLD 6ROutLRQs, -WT, /LQtDs IQLtLDtLYH Out­door and Plat­inum Com­mu­ni­ca­tions among the other win­ners. 2Q tKH 0HdLD &RQcHssLRQD­LrH’s sLdH -&DHcDux IQdLD wDOkHd DwDy wLtK GROd LQ tKH NDtLRQDO 0HdLD 2wQHr Rf tKH Year cat­e­gory, fol­lowed by Atin Pro­mo­tions & Ad­ver­tis­ing wKR wRQ D 6LOYHr. TLPHs IQQRYDtLYH 0HdLD (TI0) wRQ tKH BrRQzH. 3LRQHHr 3uEOLcLty &RrSRrDtLRQ wRQ D GROd LQ tKH ZRQDO 0HdLD 2wQHr Rf tKH yHDr (EDst) cDtHJRry, wKLOH TLPHs IQQRYDtLYH DHOKL ALrSRrt tRRk tKH GROd LQ tKH ZRQDO 0HdLD 2wQHr Rf tKH YHDr NRrtK &DtHJRry. 0DcrRPHdLD DLJLtDO IPDJLQJ wRQ tKH ‘3rLQtHr Rf tKH YHDr’ AwDrd; DQd LQ tKH IQtHrQDtLR­QDO &DtHJRry EQ­cy­cORPHdLD NHtwRrks won a Sil­ver for its McDon­ald’s cam­paign.

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