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TyUH PDnXIDFWXU­LnJ PDMRU ASROOR TyUHV OHvHUDJHG WKH 22H PHGLXP Ey DFTXLULnJ VSHFL­fiF LFRnLF VLWHV DnG man­aged to achieve the num­bers. Vi­vaki Spe­cial­ist Ser­vices han­dled the out­door du­ties and helped the brand in cre­at­ing a larger than life brand im­age. Out­door Asia brings you the de­tails of this iconic cam­paign.

Old­est tyre com­pany Apollo Tyres, which also re­vamped their brand com­mu­ni­ca­tion with their new port­fo­lio ‘You First Tech­nol­ogy’ last year, de­cided to com­mu­ni­cate their lead­er­ship po­si­tion in the mar­ket to the con­sumer. Along with their OOH agency Vi­vaki Spe­cial­ist Ser­vices, the brand ex­e­cuted a smart OOH cam­paign with an aim to es­tab­lish their lin­eage and cre­ate a larger than life im­agery of Apollo Tyres. Iconic sites with neon signs and 3D at the Delhi and Mum­bai air­ports were uti­lized to cre­ate high-vis­i­bil­ity. The me­dia plan­ning de­signed for the air­ports fo­cused on pre­mium lo­ca­tions and iconic sites, which were out-of-the­box and could at­tract max­i­mum at­ten­tion from the do­mes­tic and in­ter­na­tional fly­ers. With lit­tle or no tyre mak­ing com­pa­nies pre­dom­i­nantly present in the OOH medium, the brand de­cided to go the whole hog with it. While the OOH creative show­cased a 20 feet 3D tyre on the sites, the agency also de­cided to com­bine the logo and the tyre as part of the creative theme to build a greater brand as­so­ci­a­tion with the prod­uct. The site at the Delhi air­port was 60’x 20’ while the tyre size was 19.2’ x 17.5’. Be­sides, the logo size was 31.3’x11.1’ and the LED ticker size was 29.9’x2.5’ with a cur­tain neon. With the Mum­bai air­port site size be­ing 33.5’x18.5’, the size of the tyre cre­ated was 16.9’x15.5’, with a logo size 19.9’x7.1’and a LED ticker size 14.4’x1.4’ big. Cre­at­ing such a scale was no mean task for the agency which faced sev­eral is­sues in cre­at­ing the struc­ture, de­sign and the ma­te­rial. The agency was look­ing at de­ploy­ing a 20 feet tyre which could weigh over 400 kg. Also, the struc­ture was to be lo­cated on top of the build­ing with sub­stan­tial wind pres­sure which ob­vi­ously posed a big chal­lenge while ex­e­cu­tion. A team of civil and struc­tural engi­neers was as­signed to de­velop a struc­ture that could sus­tain the weight of 400 kilo­grams along with wind pres­sure. A ma­jor is­sue was also with con­tain­ing the weight and di­men­sions of the tyre within the al­lowed struc­tural ex­ten­sions at the bot­tom while main­tain­ing the look and feel.

An­other is­sue came with the creative de­sign­ing where the ba­sic idea was to make the tyre look like it was jumping out of the bill­board. While a 2 di­men­sional GHVLJQ ZDV FUHDWHG fiUVW, LW KDG WR EH FRQYHUWHG WR D 3 di­men­sional one. The scale was so huge that the tyre was fab­ri­cated twice to achieve cor­rect­ness of the de­sign. Fi­nally, the agency had also to face the echal­lenges with ma­te­rial that had to be used for the creative. Al­though the Neon, LED tick­ers and Apollo Logo Let­ter were stan­dard, a 20 feet tyre had been FRQFHSWXDO­LzHG IRU WKH fiUVW WLPH LQ ,QGLD DQG WKHUH was no past ex­am­ple to re­fer to. Var­i­ous ma­te­rial and pro­duc­tion tech­nolo­gies were con­sid­ered and de­bated upon so that the tyre could be re­stricted within the weight of 125 KG. Fi­nally af­ter all de­lib­er­a­tions, the agency went in for wooden dies which were fab­ri­cated in 3 pieces. Fur­ther to main­tain the al­lowed weight, they used Fiber PVC ma­te­ri­als for fab­ri­ca­tion of the tyre. Also to with­stand the wind pres­sure, MS Lou­vers sheet was used as the back­ground of the hoard­ing. Speak­ing about the choice of sites, an Apollo Spokesper­son said, “Along with var­i­ous other high WUDI­fiF VLWHV, ZH IRXQG WKH DHOKL DQG 0XPEDL $LUSRUWV to suit our re­quire­ments the best, con­sid­er­ing that we were look­ing at tar­get­ing SEC of the pop­u­la­tion, who travel fre­quently -- do­mes­tic and in­ter­na­tional. At the air­port hoard­ings, we have used the same con­cept of es­tab­lish­ing the con­nect be­tween our logo and tyres, as is be­ing done with our other com­mu­ni­ca­tion medi­ums.” “The joy of ideation and the thrill of ex­e­cut­ing such bold fiUVW WLPH LGHDV EHFRPH UHDOLWLHV RQOy ZKHQ WKH FOLHQW, the me­dia con­ces­sion­ary, our ex­e­cu­tion net­work & we syn­er­gies & work as part­ners & co-cre­ators. To me, the Apollo Tyres OOH dis­play is a per­fect ex­am­ple of the power of col­lab­o­ra­tion, in terms of ideation, tech­nol­ogy, ex­e­cu­tion & own­er­ship. I have per­son­ally over­heard com­plete strangers talk highly of th­ese dis­plays, which only goes to show the power & im­pact a well thought out idea can have in the con­sumer mind space,” said .DXVKLN &KDNUDYRUWy, &KLHI 2SHUDWLQJ 2IfiFHU, 9LYD.L Spe­cial­ist Ser­vices. The re­search done by NEPA with 504 sam­ples in SEC A eight metro cities fairly es­tab­lish the over­whelm­ing UHVXOWV. 22+ PHGLXP SURYHG WR D EH VLJQL­fiFDQW ad­ver­tis­ing tool for the brand which put them among the TOP 3 in the cat­e­gory in terms of ad re­call by the medium. That surely speaks a lot!

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