‘Clut­ter is the big­gest prob­lem’

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Mea­sur­ing the medium

I be­lieve this medium can be mea­sured but in terms of pub­lic aware­ness and brand eq­uity build­ing. How­ever we can’t quan­tify the mea­sure­ment in num­bers. But def­i­nitely the re­call value and the pull cre­ated to build­ing pre­mium brand po­si­tion­ing and aware­ness can be gen­er­ated through OOH medium.

Per­cent­age of spend on Out­door medium

We spend around Rs 5-6 crore per an­num of our ad­ver­tis­ing spend on OOH medium. We al­ways take two kinds of for­mats which are con­ven­tional for­mats like hoard­ing, BQS, street fur­ni­ture. An­other is mo­bile for­mat like rail­ways, buses, cabs and etc. Ac­cord­ing to me the big­gest prob­lem that should be rec­ti­fied in this in­dus­try is the clut­tered en­vi­ron­ment. In Chen­nai hoard­ings are banned but in rest of the coun­try like in Ma­ha­rash­tra and North In­dia, there is huge clut­ter. There are 50-60 hoard­ings at one junc­tion or prime lo­ca­tion which re­duces the mileage and vis­i­bil­ity of any OOH ad­ver­tise­ment. At junc­tions, there is lot of traf­fic and peo­ple tend to spend more time in driv­ing rather than see­ing the ad­ver­tise­ment. I think the clut­ter should be re­duced to in­crease the re­call value.

Pre­ferred out­door for­mat

Out­door for­mat se­lec­tion de­pends on a few things. Pri­mar­ily we se­lect for­mats ac­cord­ing to op­er­at­ing area. The for­mat that works in Tier I cities might not work or work dif­fer­ently in Tier II cites. There­fore clas­si­fi­ca­tion of for­mat hap­pens ac­cord­ing to the area. An­other point that we con­sider is that we se­lect the OOH for­mat which helps in dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing from the mar­ket and cat­e­gory. We al­ways try to use our hands on un­com­mon for­mats which make us slightly dif­fer­ent from the mar­ket and helps in get­ting ex­tra mileage and vis­i­bil­ity. Also, we never use any one kind of for­mat, we al­ways take 2-3 dif­fer­ent and con­nect them. We al­ways think from the busi­ness per­spec­tive.

Fo­cus on Dig­i­tal OOH

Yes we have used dig­i­tal OOH medium for spot cam­paigns and long term cam­paigns. They re­ally help us in get­ting bet­ter mileage.

Creative agen­cies –Their fo­cus or the lack of it on OOH & their cre­ativ­ity

We never deal with agen­cies. We al­ways work di­rectly as it gives us bet­ter un­der­stand­ing about ex­e­cu­tion of cam­paigns. Also it be­comes more trans­par­ent for us to deal with the medium.

Credit is­sues faced by me­dia own­ers

We have made our guide­lines and po­lices very clear and trans­par­ent which states the size, rev­enue and pay­ment de­tails. We al­ways make pay­ment on fixed date, not af­ter 6 months or so. I am very proud to say that our trans­ac­tions have al­ways been very clear. None of the me­dia owner has raised ques­tion on pay­ment.

C. Va­sudev Ra­jesh VP Mar­ket­ing - Chet­ti­nad Ce­ment Cor­po­ra­tion Limited

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