‘Agen­cies and me­dia own­ers should col­lab­o­rate bet­ter’

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Mea­sur­ing the medium

Mea­sure­ment fairly de­pends on var­i­ous forms and I don’t think the mea­sure­ment should be con­nected to sales only. There are lots of other ways to cal­cu­late ROI gen­er­ated by Out­door medium. For in­stance- ROI can be in the form of re­call value gen­er­ated by OOH, and more peo­ple can rec­og­nize the brand name. Th­ese things don’t cre­ate di­rect sales but some­where th­ese val­ues gen­er­ated by OOH medium do re­flect in the bal­ance sheet.

Per­cent­age of spend on Out­door medium

The OOH ad­ver­tis­ing spends varies from pro­ject to pro­ject but we spend around 40% on the OOH medium. Well, to in­crease the OOH spends there are sev­eral is­sues which needs to be con­sid­ered. First, I think more num­ber of in­no­va­tions should hap­pen on OOH medium. Se­condly, I feel there are too many in­di­vid­ual play­ers in the in­dus­try. It would be bet­ter to have fewer num­bers of play­ers. I agree it is good to have com­pe­ti­tion and bad to have monopoly but the frag­men­ta­tion is also ter­ri­ble. The is­sue is that there should be some col­lab­o­ra­tion and co­or­di­na­tion be­tween the me­dia own­ers and me­dia agen­cies. Some­times me­dia own­ers also con­tact the mar­keters di­rectly and agen­cies also con­nect with the mar­keters so it be­comes com­pli­cated for the mar­keters.

Pre­ferred out­door for­mat

There are not any pre­ferred for­mats but we def­i­nitely opt for the most vis­i­ble and struc­tured hoard­ings rather than go­ing for small ones.

Creative agen­cies –Their fo­cus or the lack of it on OOH & their cre­ativ­ity

Creative agen­cies work on the brief given by the brands. And most of the cam­paigns hap­pen on a 360 de­gree level which in­cludes sev­eral other medi­ums and not just OOH, there­fore the whole cre­ativ­ity is done con­sid­er­ing all the medi­ums. I don’t think it’s the creative agency’s fault. It fairly de­pends on the brief given by the brand.

Credit is­sues faced by me­dia own­ers

I don’t think there are too many credit is­sues. It also varies from com­pany to com­pany. In our case there is no credit is­sue.

Bharat Bhushan Dhup­par Chief Mar­ket­ing Of­fi­cer Omkar Real­tors & De­vel­op­ers

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