‘Creative agen­cies have low fo­cus on OOH’

Dhruba Mukher­jee As­so­ciate Vice Pres­i­dent The Tele­graph

Outdoor Asia - - Brand Take -

Mea­sur­ing the medium

I feel out­door can be mea­sured by clients who have a strong brand track­ing metrix. Such track mech­a­nisms do point out the ef­fi­cacy or the lack of it for var­i­ous brand cam­paigns run on out­door. We at the Tele­graph have been able to mea­sure out­door per­for­mance in this man­ner. Lack of mea­sur­ing mech­a­nisms will cast doubts on spends and ROI which over time will re­duce the at­trac­tive­ness of the medium.

Per­cent­age of spend on Out­door medium

Our cur­rent spends are around 10-15% of our bud­gets. In­no­va­tions can be a good way to drive in­creases in out­door spends.

Pre­ferred out­door for­mat

So far our pre­ferred for­mats have been bill boards, mo­bile vans and sig­nages.

Fo­cus on Dig­i­tal OOH

Cur­rently our fo­cus is low as we feel it is a bit restric­tive as an op­tion.

Creative agen­cies –Their fo­cus or the lack of it on OOH & their cre­ativ­ity

Creative agen­cies have very low fo­cus on OOH. Most of the cre­atives are print adap­ta­tions. In the near term I do not think they will give any more fo­cus than what they do. More at­ten­tion will come only if the client’s pri­mary and dom­i­nant me­dia choice is OOH which as a sce­nario is un­likely. Hence OOH has to add value in creative ser­vices for clients to re­al­ize the pos­si­bil­i­ties and de­mand the same from their creative agen­cies.

Credit is­sues faced by me­dia own­ers

Credit is­sues cut across in­dus­tries and is not atyp­i­cal to OOH only. Print and broad­cast­ers have or­ga­nized bod­ies which help them cope with the prob­lem to some ex­tent. Un­less OOH in­dus­try con­sol­i­dates and or­ga­nize them­selves in to a national reg­u­la­tory body, this prob­lem will not be solved.

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