Sikkim’s new LED dis­play vis­i­ble at 4,500 sq ft al­ti­tude

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ExRWLF 0HGLa (GaQJWRN) aQG 6SaUN /(D (a GLYLVLRQ RI (QNRQ GURXS) MRLQWOy LQVWaOOHG a 10IW Ey 8 IW. /(D screen at M.G. Marg- heart of the Gangtok city, mak­ing a first of its kind in Sikkim. Strate­gi­cally placed in a pedes­trian zone where most of the o u t d o o r ev e n t s and func­tions take place, the dis­play lends a high- vis­i­bil­ity quo­tient amidst the pic­turesque hills be­ing po­si­tioned at an al­ti­tude of 4,500 feet from sea level. 7KH /(D RIIHUV WKH fa­cil­ity for play­ing video file and the book­ings can be done for du­ra­tions rang­ing from one month to three months and 6 months, de­pend­ing on the need with slots at 10 sec, 15 sec and 30 sec­onds re­spec­tively. .KHQUaE :aQJFKXN DRUMHH, &(2 (xRWLF 0HGLa, VKaUHV the var­i­ous chal­lenges faced, while ex­e­cut­ing the pro­ject, “This be­ing a new ven­ture in the hills, we had to un­der­stand the ge­o­graph­i­cal chal­lenges -- like rain, thun­der­storm, hail, etc, and we had to cus­tom­ize our board ac­cord­ingly. Get­ting the per­mis­sion for the work or­der was an­other tough job, as it was a new idea. Be­sides, we were go­ing to touch the most sen­si­tive part of Gangtok i.e. the M.G.Marg, which the govern­ment pro­tects at all cost, so it was def­i­nitely a chal­lenge to us.” AQLQGa %aQHUMHH, 0aQaJLQJ DLUHFWRU - (QNRQ 3ULYaWH Limited, while speak­ing about this turnkey pro­ject IURP 6SaUN /(D, VayV, “7KHUH LV a KXJH PaUNHW IRU 22+ ad­ver­tis­ing and it is mostly un­tapped and dis­or­ga­nized. The Govern­ment of Sikkim is ex­tremely sen­si­tive about Gangtok and there is a strict code of con­duct for any in­stal­la­tion. The hill sta­tion is ex­posed to se­vere win­ter and rainy sea­sons. Sum­mers are not very strong and the con­di­tion of power sup­ply is too un­con­di­tioned. 6R, 6SaUN /(D KaG WR EH YHUy FaXWLRXV aQG ILQLVK WKH in­stal­la­tion in an ex­tremely planned man­ner with­out any chance for mis­take. The in­stal­la­tion is a grand suc­cess and the im­ple­men­ta­tion was wit­nessed by the Hon’ble Chief Min­is­ter of Sikkim and many other dig­ni­taries.” “We have got pos­i­tive feed­back from var­i­ous brands VR IaU, OLNH ALUFHO, 0ax HWF., EHVLGHV a FRXSOH RI ORFaO HQWHUSULVH­V; ZH aOVR JRW ZRUN RUGHUV IURP WKH &HQWUaO Govern­ment and State Govern­ment as well. The fu­ture of OOH in the hills ap­pears good as 90% of the ur­ban pop­u­la­tion is brand con­scious and this ini­tia­tive has given us an en­cour­ag­ing foothold over the mar­ket,” VLJQV RII .KHQUaE :aQJFKXN DRUMHH

2013 5RELQ &aUUXWKHUV, 0D - 0HGLaVFRSH 3XEOLFLWaV 22+ says, “There are count­less shop­ping plaza’s and PaOOV LQ DHOKL, ZH SLFNHG WKH WZR 3aFL­fiF’V EHFaXVH RI WKHLU HxFHOOHQW lo­ca­tion, proven high spend­ing WUaI­fiF, FOHaU WaUJHW GHPaUFaWLR­Q aQG WKH flHxLELOLW­y WR FUHaWH aQG de­liver world class dis­plays. In­te­grat­ing the var­i­ous dis­plays will de­liver qual­ity ex­po­sure like never be­fore guar­an­tee­ing re­sults. We are look­ing at a cross sec­tion of malls that cater to a var­ied tar­get aXGLHQFH SUR­fiOH FXWWLQJ aFURVV WKH OXxXUy, SUHPLXP and daily brands. Go­ing for­ward we will con­tinue to in­te­grate such spa­ces across In­dia thereby cre­at­ing a OaUJH aGYHUWLVLQ­J FaQYaVV WKaW ZLOO EHQH­fiW a FXVWRPHU on a national grid.” 0aUzEaQ 3aWHO, &(2 - 3XEOLFLWaV ,QGLa & AVLa VayV, “Me­di­as­cope Public­i­tas con­tin­ues to present In­dian clients ex­cep­tional me­dia op­por­tu­ni­ties in In­dia and JOREaOOy aFURVV PHGLa SOaWIRUPV; HLWKHU GLUHFWOy RU LQ part­ner­ship with some of the best me­dia brands in the world. This ex­cel­lent tie-up is an­other ini­tia­tive in that di­rec­tion.”

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