‘Need more cost ef­fec­tive in­fra­struc­ture so­lu­tions’

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Outdoor Asia - - BRAND SPEAK - As told to Nabamita Chat­ter­jee

Can you high­light the kind of equa­tion SPS Group shares with OOH as a medium? And what role does Out­door play for a brand like yours? In this era of con­ver­gence of me­dia, our group is keep­ing it­self abreast of all the emerg­ing tech­niques to ad­ver­tise our brands like El­e­gant Steel (TMT bars), MW ( Elec­tri­cal Prod­ucts) and Bake­fresh ( Bis­cuits). Out­door medium plays a ma­jor role in build­ing mileage for our prod­ucts. We use dif­fer­ent modes and medi­ums of out­door dis­play such as hoard­ings, full body bus brand­ing, bus back brand­ing, bus shel­ters, SROH NLRVN, UaLOZay VWaWLRQ EUaQGLQJ, WUaI­fiF VLJQaOV aQG other ef­fec­tive medi­ums as and when re­quired. SPS has used out­door in many in­no­va­tive and in­ter­est­ing ways to push its var­ied plans and ser­vices. Can you in­di­cate what share Out­door en­joys in the over-all me­dia mix of SPS Group in per­cent­age terms? SPS is an es­tab­lished or­ga­ni­za­tion with its dis­tinct brands in East In­dia and we now mainly fo­cus on brand LPaJH EXLOGLQJ 3A1 ,QGLa. :H VSHQG aURXQG 60% RI RXU ad­ver­tis­ing bud­get on out­door dis­plays. The cam­paigns that have been rolled out by SPS seem in­no­va­tive and in­ter­est­ing in their ap­proach; the creative seem tai­lored for Out­door as a medium. Could you share with us the thought process be­hind th­ese? We avoid crowd­ing of in­for­ma­tion as the out­door dis­play vis­i­bil­ity is of­fered at a glance. Hence we try keep­ing our vi­su­als sim­ple and to the point, so that the mes­sage is clear and im­pact­ful. Our vis­ual com­po­si­tion con­sists of an im­age, our brand logo and the vi­su­als com­men­su­rate with the strong one liner we use. Could you throw some light on the pa­ram­e­ters based on which site se­lec­tion hap­pens for the Out­door cam­paigns? What are the fac­tors that are cru­cial for a brand like you? Also, what are the kinds of for­mats SPS pre­dom­i­nantly uses? Hoard­ings are a smart and easy way of pro­vid­ing ef­fec­tive re­call value for a brand like us. But choos­ing the right site in ac­cor­dance with our prod­ucts and its tar­get group is one of the most im­por­tant as­pects of RXWGRRU aGYHUWLVLQ­J. A IHZ LPSRUWaQW SaUaPHWHUV ZH keep in mind while choos­ing a site are:-

Lo­ca­tion - The lo­ca­tion of the site is the first step to­wards choos­ing one. Lo­ca­tion ad­van­tage is an

Ku­nal Gur­nani GM- Me­dia & Com­mu­ni­ca­tions SPS Group

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