APAC: Data Il­lit­er­ate

Qlik Data Lit­er­acy Sur­vey re­veals more than 80% of APAC work­force is data il­lit­er­ate

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Qlik an­nounced the re­sults from its APAC Data Lit­er­acy Sur­vey, re­veal­ing an es­ca­lat­ing skills gap andtrou­bling lack of en­able­ment by em­ploy­ers is pre­vent­ing those in the work­force from mak­ing strate­gic, datadriven de­ci­sions. In APAC, of over five thou­sand full time em­ploy­ees sur­veyed, only one-in-five (20%) em­ploy­ees feel con­fi­dent in their data lit­er­acy skills (i.e. the abil­ity to read, work with, an­a­lyze and ar­gue with data) de­spite grow­ing pres­sure to use data within the work­place.

Strong link be­tween hav­ing a good grasp of data and job per­for­mance

There are ris­ing ex­pec­ta­tions to use data at work with the ma­jor­ity (71%) of APAC work­ers us­ing data once a week (or more) in their cur­rent job roles and two thirds (66%) say­ing that they have to work with a higher vol­ume of data to­day com­pared to three years ago. Em­ploy­ees across APAC ac­knowl­edge the value of data and data lit­er­acy in their roles: · 90% agreed that data helps them do their job bet­ter · 78% think higher data lit­er­acy would en­hance their cred­i­bil­ity in the work­place · 72% be­lieve data lit­er­acy would in­crease their value at work

“With more data be­ing cre­ated to­day than ever be­fore, data lit­er­acy has now be­come as im­por­tant as the abil­ity to read and write. It adds weight to our ar­gu­ments and helps us to make bet­ter de­ci­sions. It is no won­der then that al­most nine in ten of data lit­er­ates say they are per­form­ing very well at work, com­pared to one in three of those that are not data

lit­er­ate,” said Paul Mclean, Data Lit­er­acy Evan­ge­list, APAC at Qlik.

Lack of sup­port for those who are will­ing to learn

Across the re­gion, there is not enough be­ing done to sup­port work­ers with train­ing and ed­u­ca­tion ini­tia­tives that ac­cel­er­ate data lit­er­acy skills: · 49% ad­mit­ted to feel­ing over­whelmed when read­ing, work­ing with, an­a­lyz­ing and chal­leng­ing data · 81% of work­ers do not strongly be­lieve that they have had ad­e­quate train­ing to be data lit­er­ate · 89% of grad­u­ate en­try level em­ploy­ees do not clas­sify them­selves as data lit­er­ate, demon­strat­ing a new age skills gap en­ter­ing the work­force On the other hand, the ma­jor­ity (72%) of full time work­ers said they would be will­ing to in­vest more time and en­ergy in im­prov­ing their data lit­er­acy skills, if given the chance.

Mclean com­mented, “We can see a clear gap across APAC whereby busi­ness lead­ers are de­mand­ing that their em­ploy­ees lever­age data day-to- day to drive ac­tion­able in­sights. At the same time how­ever, there is a no­tice­able gap in the level of sup­port pro­vided to em­power em­ploy­ees with the skills and train­ing re­quired to suc­ceed. The as­sump­tion that all em­ploy­ees are equally data lit­er­ate is a danger­ous one that could im­pact strate­gic de­ci­sions down the line.”

In­dia lead­ing the way in APAC

· In­dia is lead­ing the way with the most data lit­er­ates (45% vs. re­gional av­er­age of 20%) while in Ja­pan only 6% of work­ers clas­sify them­selves as data lit­er­ate · C-Suites and Di­rec­tors in In­dia (64%), Aus­tralia (39%) and Sin­ga­pore (31%) are most con­fi­dent about their data lit­er­acy lev­els · Older work­ers (55+ years old) in In­dia (32%) and Aus­tralia (20%) are more data lit­er­ate than those in other coun­tries within the re­gion · Em­ploy­ees in In­dia (88%), China (76%) and Sin­ga­pore (75%) are most em­pow­ered by their em­ploy­ers to ac­cess data (i.e. they have ac­cess to the data they need, are pro­fi­cient in work­ing with data and feel em­pow­ered by their em­ploy­ers to use it)

“Both em­ploy­ers and em­ploy­ees need to take own­er­ship and be more proac­tive in bridg­ing this skills gap. Com­pa­nies that are on the fore­front of im­prov­ing data lit­er­acy will be able to cap­i­tal­ize on the An­a­lyt­ics Econ­omy,” con­cluded Mclean.

In­dia seems to be the most data lit­er­ate coun­try in APAC... In­dia’s data lit­er­acy rate is more than dou­ble the re­gional av­er­age

More data lit­er­ate work­ers will get pro­moted is a com­mon con­sen­sus

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