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Busi­ness Re­quire­ment

Hind­ware, as a leader of the In­dian san­i­tary ware mar­ket, was in search for a bet­ter ex­pe­ri­ence for their end users. This search led them to the aug­mented re­al­ity space. Hind­ware se­lected Fu­tureSoft’s “Trum­pet” soft­ware, white-la­belled as “DreamBath”. It pro­vided Hind­ware con­sumers the abil­ity to vis­ually gauge how a prod­uct would fit into their bath­room.

But, to get the op­ti­mum per­for­mance out of DreamBath, they needed to up­grade their IT in­fra­struc­ture. Since DreamBath ex­ten­sively used images, videos, 3D mod­els to pro­vide a de­light­ful cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ence, there was a re­quire­ment for the host­ing plat­form to al­low ef­fi­cient and cost ef­fec­tive repos­i­tory for images and 3D me­dia. It re­quired a host­ing part­ner which would al­low easy scal­a­bil­ity and ramp-up on tem­po­rary vol­ume spurts dur­ing on­line TV cam­paigns or dur­ing dealer or cus­tomer events.

So­lu­tion De­ploy­ment

Hind­ware’s search for the per­fect host­ing part­ner for DreamBath ended with Mi­crosoft’s Azure cloud plat­form. Azure has pro­vided cus­tomers, part­ners and prospects of Hind­ware across In­dia 24 by 7 ac­cess to the DreamBath App. Hind­ware DreamBath is ac­cessed by deal­ers and cus­tomers who have a pan-In­dia pres­ence. The DreamBath ap­pli­ca­tion is me­dia heavy, hence an ex­cel­lent re­sponse time is crit­i­cal to pro­vid­ing a good user ex­pe­ri­ence. Azure pro­vides Hind­ware the ca­pa­bil­ity to scale ap­pli­ca­tions quickly to map ex­actly as per busi­ness needs. For ex­am­ple, dur­ing dig­i­tal and pro­mo­tional cam­paigns there is an ex­po­nen­tial spurt in vol­umes. Azure al­lows for easy scal­ing-up dur­ing these times. Sim­i­larly, Azure al­lows flex­i­bil­ity to scale down In­fra­struc­ture when busi­ness needs are low.

So­lu­tion Ben­e­fits

Data Res­i­dency: Hind­ware DreamBath is ac­cessed by deal­ers and cus­tomers across In­dia. The pres­ence of Azure dat­a­cen­tres in In­dia es­tab­lishes data res­i­dency within In­dia. This also en­sures a re­duc­tion in data la­tency.

Re­sponse time: Hind­ware DreamBath has re­ceived ex­cep­tion­ally pos­i­tive feed­back and ac­cep­tance from man­age­ment, em­ploy­ees, deal­ers and cus­tomers spe­cially with re­gard to re­sponse time. Since the ap­pli­ca­tion is me­dia heavy, an ex­cel­lent re­sponse time is es­sen­tial for pro­vid­ing a good user ex­pe­ri­ence.

Scal­a­bil­ity: Azure al­lows the ad­van­tage of not need­ing to buy/pre-pro­vi­sion IT in­fra­struc­ture in ad­vance in­stead it pro­vides Hind­ware the flex­i­bil­ity to scale ap­pli­ca­tions as per busi­ness needs.

Easy Main­te­nance: Azure PaaS Ap­pSer­vice and SQL Azure are self-man­aged plat­forms and re­quire neg­li­gi­ble ad­min­is­tra­tive in­ter­ven­tion. “Azure Plat­form as a Ser­vice (PaaS) for Hind­ware DreamBath on Cen­tral In­dia based servers has been an ex­cel­lent choice. Mi­crosoft sup­port and up­time has been best amongst all other cloud of­fer­ings in the in­dus­try.” MANDEEP SINGH PURI, Di­rec­tor, Fu­tureSoft

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