For­tuna Colours & Prints llp launch Mou­vent Ma­chines in In­dia In­tro­duces TX 801 at GAR­TEX

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Mou­vent – the Swiss start-up com­pany fo­cused ex­clu­sively on de­liv­er­ing the fu­ture of dig­i­tal print­ing par­tic­i­pated at Gar­tex that was held in Delhi. Hav­ing re­cently show­cased its so­lu­tions in China and Turkey, the com­pany in­tro­duces the ul­tra­com­pact TX801 in In­dia for the first time. The ma­chine can print up to eight colours and, al­though it is a scan­ning type ma­chine, it can com­plete up to 50% of the print jobs in a sin­gle pass, de­liv­er­ing pro­duc­tiv­ity of 200 sqm/h with­out com­pro­mis­ing on qual­ity.

Mou­vent TM Clus­ter Tech­nol­ogy uses clus­ters in­stead of fixed size print bars by colour, ar­ranged in a mod­u­lar, scal­able ma­trix. This re­sults in one sys­tem that can be sim­ply adapted to all sub­strates of all widths, for all mar­kets. Its print qual­ity up to 2,000 dpi and the ma­chine can process knit­ted, wo­ven and non­wo­ven tex­tiles with a max­i­mum fab­ric width of 1,820 mm with roll di­am­e­ters of up to 400 mm. Mou­vent is con­fi­dent that its revo­lu­tion­ary TX801 dig­i­tal tex­tile inkjet printer will be a hit in In­dia too.

The group’s ex­clu­sive part­ner for Sales & Mar­ket­ing is For­tuna be­ing headed by Vinod Kris­na­murthy CEO of For­tuna Colours & Prints LLP.

“We are very happy that we can help Mou­vent bring the TX801 to cus­tomers in In­dia. The In­dian tex­tile mar­ket is ex­tremely var­ied, in­ter­est­ing and rapidly chang­ing, and the TX801 per­fectly re­sponds to the need for a very high qual­ity, pro­duc­tive dig­i­tal tex­tile printer,” Kr­ish­na­murthy said. Mou­vent plans to open up a Demo Cen­ter as well as the Ser­vice cen­ter in In­dia through For­tuna.

While ad­dress­ing the press con­fer­ence that was or­gan­ised to of­fi­cially launch the com­pany in In­dia he said, “The Mou­vent clus­ter can do multi- tasks as we have the me­chan­i­cal layer, the ink layer and the elec­tron­ics all in­te­grated into one. Each Mou­venttm Clus­ter prints up to 170 mm wide. Ad­di­tional clus­ters can be added (so two clus­ters is 340 mm wide and so on) in the­ory with­out any limit. There­fore, what­ever the sub­strate width, the tech­nol­ogy can be adapted ac­cord­ingly,” in­formed Kr­ish­na­murthy. With 10,000 op­er­at­ing hours, the life cy­cle of the clus­ter is ex­tremely long. What’s more, they are very light in weight, at around 1.8kg, and can be eas­ily re­placed.

He fur­ther adds, “Our CEO and part­ner Bobst Group be­lieves that the cus­tomer is a part­ner. So we are not num­ber driven, our aim is to first get right cus­tomers who have the mind­set to adapt to the tech­nol­ogy and able to es­tab­lish their per­for­mance. We want the tech­nol­ogy to be un­der­stood, adapted, and for­malised to the In­dian en­vi­ron­ment and then we scale it up so cur­rently we are look­ing more at good es­tab­lish­ments,” stressed Kr­ish­na­murthy.

The ma­chines are also on lines of sus­tain­abil­ity as they have low­est foot­prints and will save en­ergy ab­sorp­tion and wa­ter. He made an in­ter­est­ing point when asked about the cost fac­tor he said, “95% peo­ple talk to me about price and I say if you have ten grams of ink for Rs. 2000 ru­pees, 2 ru­pees an an­gle , how can Rs. 20 and Rs 80 ru­pees de­fine your busi­ness. It is the to­tal cost which keeps work­ing up and the to­tal cost of a black ink is 80 or 100 ru­pees and at Mou­vent we are fo­cused at giv­ing the to­tal cost so I can say it con­fi­dently that it is not the ink cost that matters, but it is also the colour man­age­ment, den­sity con­trol, op­ti­miza­tion, per­for­mance which to­gether will make it all.”

The Mou­venttm Clus­ter is a rad­i­cal new ap­proach, which uses clus­ters in­stead of fixed size print bars by color, ar­rang­ing them in a mod­u­lar, scal­able ma­trix. The re­sult is one sys­tem that can be sim­ply adapted for all sub­strates, of all widths, for all mar­kets.

Team Mou­vent & For­tuna Colours & Prints LLP

vinod Kris­na­murthy CEO of For­tuna Colours & Prints LLP.

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