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In­ter­est, De­ci­sion and Ac­tion – AIDA a straight way to control your cus­tomers, seems to be now get­ting al­tered a se­ries of changes that we as peo­ple, as con­sumers and as shop­pers have gone through. Th­ese days post aware­ness, and in midst of mak­ing our con­sid­er­a­tion list we as shop­pers have at our dis­posal abun­dant in­for­ma­tion and many in­flu­encers that make us at times skip – In­ter­est and de­ci­sion phases and take us right to the ac­tion or some­times the re­verse we just be­come dor­mant and post­pone our pur­chases. So the path to a pur­chase no longer re­mains straight and sim­ple, to know what is mod­i­fy­ing the path we spoke to ex­perts who are in the busi­ness of un­der­stand­ing shop­pers and the an­swers we got were many some pre­dic­tive some in­ter­est­ing. Read the fea­ture ‘The Jour­ney no longer re­mains lin­ear’ and know more about the in­flu­encers, and how and what are they chang­ing. The story in its com­plete­ness clearly in­di­cates when on the path to un­der­stand the shop­pers ‘Use Di­ver­sion’ don’t go the path tra­versed most. While this fea­ture will help you know what di­rec­tion are the shop­pers tak­ing and how can you as a brand or re­tailer make the most of it, we ad­dress yet an­other com­plex­ity of mar­ket­ing at re­tail. We have many spe­cial­ized out­fits out there that can sup­port us in the very spe­cific needs of de­sign or strat­egy but win­ning the re­tail bat­tle one needs more. One needs a part­ner who can man­age things end-to-end, by un­der­stand­ing both the vast­ness and the com­plex­i­ties of re­tail in In­dia and thus dish out ef­fec­tive re­tail brand­ing so­lu­tions. Com­pre­hend­ing this need we planned a fea­ture on New Age Re­tail agen­cies, we went out there are spoke to agen­cies that pro­vide an end-to-end sup­port to brands and help them re­al­ize their re­tail en­deav­ors into re­al­ity. Read the fea­ture ‘New Age re­tail agen­cies – bridg­ing the gap’ to know more. Apart from th­ese two highlights we bring you the usual dose of in­sights, wis­dom, buzz from the bazaar and much more. Do read the Col­umns from Damodar Mall and Jim Lu­cas, as the for­mer specif­i­cally re­veals some­thing in­ter­est­ing about the In­dian male shop­per and the lat­ter gives guide­lines to build a suc­cess­ful shop­per mar­ket­ing agency. We also have an in­ter­est­ing ini­tia­tive taken by Tan­ishq to reach out to its young au­di­ence by tak­ing a new avatar which sheds the posh and pre­mium im­age of jew­ellery. This and a lot more you in this is­sue. So turn the page and don’t for­get ‘tak­ing di­ver­sions’.

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