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For long brands & their agen­cies have walked the Path to Pur­chase wherein it all starts with cre­at­ing aware­ness, then ig­nit­ing in­ter­est and thus driv­ing ac­tion. And with this comes the feel­ing that we know our shop­per and can control them. But off late it seems that nu­mer­ous shop­pers have started to take many di­ver­sions while walk­ing this path and some­how it is not known what di­rec­tion they are headed to­wards. At­tempt­ing to an­swer this bit Point-of-Pur­chase speaks to ex­perts try­ing to de­code what has changed & why.


TVC’s have al­ways in­trigued and en­ter­tained me as a viewer, but this time around some­thing in par­tic­u­lar about this lat­est Idea ad got me think­ing. As the sto­ry­board has it, an au­then­tic mid­dle class, young cou­ple steps into a con­sumer durables store with a mis­sion to buy a wash­ing ma­chine on mind. Ab­hishek Bachan, play­ing the char­ac­ter of a dili­gent sales­per­son, takes them through the var­ied op­tions and por­tray­ing the at­tribute of a typ­i­cal In­dian shop­per, the cou­ple ex­presses their views of keep­ing the piece aside and that they will come in a while. To which the sales­per­son laugh­ing says, ‘Madam ab aap sab dukan mein jaake rate poochegi, OLD IDEA.’ And then shows the NEW IDEA, a smart phone which will en­able her to merely scan and com­pare the prod­uct she in­tends to buy with mul­ti­ple stores and its avail­abil­ity. At the end thrilled with the new idea she makes her pur­chase de­ci­sion. What got me think­ing and ex­cited is the fact that this is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing out there for real. Shop­pers are swiftly shun­ning the OLD IDEA of shop­ping and begin­ning to be pro­gres­sive. It seems to be quite a rev­o­lu­tion and it is catch­ing fire and surely is just not an ur­ban phe­nom­ena. As Amit Ajwani, Gen­eral Man­ager, Saatchi & Saatchi X (In­dia) states, “Shop­pers are pro­gres­sively get­ting more ex­posed to the global trends in shop­ping and are also be­com­ing tech savvy. This pro­gres­sion in shop­per be­hav­ior and hence ex­pec­ta­tion, is not re­flected in the ac­tual shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence due to lim­i­ta­tions in re­sources and in­fra­struc­ture as far as the re­tail en­vi­ron­ment is con­cerned.” Adding on the same lines, Nisha Ab­dulla, Head of Shop­per Re­search, Insight In­store says, “Shop­per mind­set is now about ‘more and bet­ter’. Shop­pers are aware of con­stantly evolv­ing prod­ucts and more brands of­fer­ing greater va­ri­ety. This ‘knowl­edge’ guides their be­hav­iour at shop­ping en­vi­ron­ments. Ur­ban shop­pers have ef­fort­lessly com­bined the vir­tual and the real in terms of shop­ping en­vi­ron­ments, shop­pers in tier 3 and ru­ral In­dia have adopted newer prod­ucts like fab­ric soft­en­ers, con­di­tion­ers all dis­play­ing evolv­ing mind­sets to shop­ping.” Fur t her ex­plain­ing t he evo­lu­tion Anurag Vaish, Co-Founder, Fi­nal Mile Con­sult­ing says, “The shop­per evo­lu­tion in In­dia is be­ing guided by the avail­abil­ity of shop­ping for­mats that al­low shop­pers to freely in­ter­act and en­gage with mer­chan­dise be­fore mak­ing their pur­chase de­ci­sions. And since this process needs no re­tailer/ sales­per­son in­ter­ven­tion, there is far more con­fi­dence to en­gage with mer­chan­dise even if the idea is to sim­ply ‘know’ rather than ‘buy’. This is lead­ing to a more knowl­edge­able and aware shop­per.” Many such fac­tors are by the minute chang­ing the shop­per which raises an im­me­di­ate thought; with the shop­per chang­ing wont the Path to Pur­chase we think they tra­verse un­dergo change. If yes, what is it that is driv­ing the change? What are the as­pects, fac­tors that off late have risen to be the path to pur­chase in­flu­encers that are al­ter­ing the way shop­pers take up their shop­ping jour­ney? Here is what we col­lated from our ex­perts as an­swers: Some top of the list Path to Pur­chase in­flu­encers in­clude:

Anurag Vaish Co-Founder Fi­nal Mile Con­sult­ing

Nisha Ab­dulla Shop­per Re­search Head Insight In­store

Amit Ajwani Gen­eral Man­ager Saatchi & Saatchi

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