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Ev­ery brand yearns for the much needed edge at re­tail, and thus a slew of re­tail dis­plays with de­sign in­tri­ca­cies go live on the shop floor, how about spic­ing them up fur­ther. While we have man­aged master the art of vis­ual se­duc­tion through in­ter­est­ing de­signs, let’s add one more sense and make our dis­plays VOICE­fer­ous with the Magic Box. Read on to know more.

on the Magic Box.” ex­plains Girish Kabra, Direc­tor of Mar­ket­ing, MFPA Artists Pvt. Ltd. This de­vice was thought at MFPA Artists out of the ob­ser­va­tion that shop­pers of­ten re­main un­aware and miss out on the deals and of­fers go­ing on the prod­ucts at the store. Thus this de­vice when fit­ted to your dis­plays en­sures that not a sin­gle per­son pass­ing the dis­play is missed out on be­ing in­formed about the of­fer, and de­tails of the prod­uct. The de­vice is a small box which can be fit­ted in var­i­ous ways, like on cut-outs, or shelves and also can be fit­ted on the walls. The other ap­pli­ca­tions of the de­vice also in­cludes, it be­ing used by cer­tain high value re­tail­ers who get very few cus­tomers in their shop just to alert them that a cus­tomer has walked in or a se­cu­rity sys­tem. Shar­ing de­tails on the tech­nol­ogy Magic Box con­sti­tutes of Girish says, “The tech­nol­ogy is very sim­ple it is a com­bi­na­tion of a MP3 player and an ad­vanced sen­sor, equipped with Lithium ion bat­ter­ies. It comes with a de­fault 256 MB mem­ory card and it can store many mes­sages which will play one at a time. The sounds have to be recorded in MP3 for­mat.” The magic box has been priced at Rs. 5000/- which in com­par­i­son to hir­ing a hu­man as­sis­tance as a pro­moter which costs Rs. 10000/- turns out to be quite a deal. “We had launched the pro­to­type at the In­dia Fash­ion fo­rum 2012 at Bom­bay Ex­hi­bi­tion Cen­tre in Mum­bai and though we were in the corner of the ex­hi­bi­tion we were hav­ing peo­ple who were turn­ing their heads as they could not re­al­ize who is talk­ing to them. The de­vice is be­ing in­tro­duced for the first time in the In­dian In­dus­try and hence it has just taken birth. Nothing like this ex­ists and hence the fu­ture is promis­ing and bright.” con­cludes Girish. The de­vice gives you the creative lee­way to add any kind of sound to your dis­plays so it is an open field of imag­i­na­tion as to how you use this to tell your brand story and build fur­ther buzz in-stores. Cue in the voice of your brand am­bas­sador, or create a the­matic pres­ence, and make your dis­plays VOICE­fer­ous

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