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One seg­ment that has re­ally seen a sea of changes in terms of brands range and on-ground vis­i­bil­ity es­pe­cially, in met­ros as like Ban­ga­lore, is liquor. From mod­ern trade-like out­lets to fine din­ing restau­rants and mi­cro brew­eries, the op­tions are many to­day for a con­sumer to pick up a bot­tle and just chill. Cash­ing in on th­ese changes in the mar­ket is Bud­weiser of the ABinBev Group. The brand with an ag­gres­sive mix of on-ground events and re­tail vis­i­bil­ity initiatives, has man­aged to lodge it place among the top-of the recall spots. One of its lat­est initiatives has been on the re­tail front in Ban­ga­lore with some -eye catch­ing dis­plays. Point of Pur­chase brings you more dope on this.

It is hard to miss the re­volv­ing bot­tle shape unit at this pre­mium liquor store in Ban­ga­lore. A scout around the city will re­veal many more such units, all aimed at catch­ing the eye balls of the young and the cool. In­deed, Bud­weiser, the in­ter­na­tional beer band, which had to reckon with a tough com­pe­ti­tion ini­tially in the In­dian mar­ket, is to­day a clearly vis­i­ble op­tion in re­tail what with its in­ter­est­ing and in­no­va­tive dis­plays in stores, from the ‘Bud Corner’ to smaller dis­plays like neons, counter-tops, shelf units etc. For the brand the de­ci­sion to go all out on the re­tail front and tap po­ten­tial cus­tomers was based on some clear mar­ket trends.

Says Mr Jibin P.V, State Head, ABinBev In­dia, “Ban­ga­lore has seen lot of im­prove­ments in terms of pre­mium walk in-stores com­ing up; th­ese out­lets are more like Mod­ern Trade out­lets where the con­sumer walks in and sees the prod­uct and picks it up. So in terms

of that, we saw lot of op­por­tu­ni­ties for of dis­play­ing our prod­ucts, mak­ing it larger than our com­pet­i­tive brands. There are about 128 pre­mium out­lets in Ban­ga­lore and we are present in all of them in terms of neons, counter tops and shelf dis­play units, while in about 15-20 out­lets we have larger dis­plays which are cus­tom made for them. Th­ese in­clude the Bud Corner, car­ton stack­ing units etc and they all vary from size to size.”

Ob­vi­ously, the kind and size of the dis­play units de­pend on the out­let, but for the most part, the brand has been fo­cus­ing on per­ma­nent dis­plays. The com­pany has been work­ing with a num­ber of ven­dors for th­ese units and the brief to them was clear: it was to tar­get young­sters. So it had to have a cool and classy look which makes them pick up the prod­uct. As Jibin says, “Our cus­tomers are trend set­ters who make oth­ers fol­low them.” So a lot of high-end ma­te­ri­als and acrylic were used, which were also budged friendly.

One of the chal­lenges the brand faced was of course con­vinc­ing the re­tailer, but once the latte re­al­ized the ben­e­fits they de­rived out of hav­ing th­ese dis­plays

in their stores, they came around. Says Jibin, “Ini­tially, it was very difficult to con­vince the re­tail­ers. But the ad­van­tage is that in th­ese pre­mium stores where the mar­gins are not very high for the re­tail­ers, they de­pend on the brand to a large ex­tent for vis­i­bil­ity and ben­e­fits through rentals and we had to ne­go­ti­ate hard on the rentals for sure. But once they saw the pic­tures and were as­sured that our de­signs did not spoil the store’s look and feel they were con­vinced, and in fact happy to see some in­no­va­tive dis­plays in their stores.It also helps that we make sure that the dis­plays are con­sumer friendly and eye catch­ing.”

The brand also en­joys the ad­van­tage of hav­ing a per­ma­nent spot in th­ese stores, so that only the cre­atives are changed ev­ery time there is a new cam­paign or promo.

Well, all th­ese ef­forts have ob­vi­ously paid off for not only has the ROI been pos­i­tive for the brand in stores, it has also seen its mar­ket share go­ing up from 5% to 20% ac­cord­ing to Jibin. What’s more, the brand has also risen to the sec­ond place in the mar­ket, next only to King­fisher, dis­plac­ing some tough com­pe­ti­tion, ac­cord­ing to Jibin. The re­sults can be traced not only to th­ese ap­peal­ing dis­plays but to also some ac­tive promos and of­fers such as scratch-a-card- win-a-gift and other branded mer­chan­dise re­lated of­fers. The com­pany also plans to have LCD TVs with the idea of en­gag­ing the cus­tomers and com­mu­ni­cat­ing prod­uct in­for­ma­tion to them on a con­tin­u­ous ba­sis.

Well, for a brand that was quiet ini­tially, there has cer­tainly been some ag­gres­sive ac­tion in the last one year to woo con­sumers. From events and artist spon­sor­ships to in-shop of­fers, it has taken a 360 route. And ac­cord­ing to Jibin, much of th­ese ef­forts are gen­er­ated from the shop­per stud­ies that the com­pany en­gages in con­stantly to gauge shop­per be­hav­iour and needs. And, with a view to tap­ping the Tier II and Tier III cities, the brand has also ex­tended many of th­ese ac­tiv­i­ties and promos to th­ese cities. Says Jibin, “We have not ne­glected Tier 2 and Tier 3. There are in­ter­na­tional brands in from th­ese cities and it doesn’t make sense keep­ing away th­ese cities, though the scale and bud­get might be smaller com­pared to the met­ros.”

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