Cad­bury is known for set­ting a bench mark when it comes to mak­ing its in-store pres­ence. Dis­plays that chal­lenge monotony seem to be Cad­bury’s forte. This time around, the brand has ap­plied the same in­no­va­tive ap­proach to cre­at­ing a gi­gan­tic vis­i­ble prese

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For a long time now, Bourn­vita is known to have made lit­tle chil­dren gulp down milk by sim­ply adding a dash of their de­li­cious choco­late f lavour. In the process the brand has gained the trust of mil­lions of par­ents. Play­ing up the nour­ish­ment card, the brand has over the years es­tab­lished them­selves high on the cred­i­bil­ity scale. To high­light all its brand as­so­ci­a­tions, Cad­bury Born­vita has con­tin­u­ously re-in­vented it­self in terms of prod­uct, pack­ag­ing, pro­mo­tion & dis­tri­bu­tion. With their new strat­egy of ‘bad­hayed­hoodhk­ishakti’, the brand’s pro­mo­tional cam­paign high­lights the prod­uct’s nat­u­ral and sci­en­tific nu­tri­ents that mul­ti­ply the power of milk. Clas­sic Re­tail, a Mum­bai based com­pany of­fer­ing shop­per mar­ket­ing so­lu­tions, has come up with an in­ter­est­ing yet sturdy gi­gan­tic unit to com­mu­ni­cate this as­pect of the brand to the shop­per through an in­ter­est­ing in-store pro­mo­tion. Cre­at­ing a durable, high util­ity & func­tional unit, with a lot of space around the pil­lars & wall, this Born­vita unit has re­ally adorned the re­tail space with a f lour­ish. Ac­cord­ing to Clas­sic Re­tail, which han­dled the en­tire de­sign, fab­ri­ca­tion and in­stal­la­tion of the struc­ture, the client brief was to build a unit that would re­quire, “low or no main­te­nance at all and this was the guide line we needed to ad­here to”. While pre­sent­ing the brand to the In­dian house wife, the in-store cam­paign was de­signed to com­mu­ni­cate the core ben­e­fit of ‘bad­hayed­hoodhk­ishakti. The core aim was to have a dis­tinct look­ing unit which can stand out amongst the reg­u­lar shelv­ing sys­tems. And given the huge size of the unit, there were some chal­lenges while in­stalling. But ob­vi­ously the chal­lenges were faced head on and re­sults were quite ob­vi­ous for all to see. Mak­ing it­self dis­tinctly vis­i­ble in the CSD store for­mat, the unit with its cur­va­ceous header and sides, adds to the aes­thet­ics. By us­ing the bright brand colour on the struc­ture along with il­lu­mi­nated header, the unit man­ages to cap­ture the at­ten­tion of shop­pers with gusto. The de­sign pat­tern on the bot­tom edge is in line with the prod­uct pack­ag­ing de­sign. The unit with con­sid­er­able stock­ing space also proves to be highly func­tional. Made of MDF, the unit’s fin­ish was com­pleted with lam­i­na­tion in or­der to avoid de­fac­ing the unit. For the main struc­ture, the ma­te­rial & fin­ish were se­lected con­sid­er­ing pa­ram­e­ters such as aes­thetic, looks, life, dura­bil­ity and main­te­nance. Be­sides, all the brand­ing has been back­lit to make it brighter & eye catch­ing. Seven units to­gether form this com­plete this 21’ x 8’ struc­ture. The dis­play has been de­ployed in CSD Store - Palam Can­teen. Well, this bright orange cor­ner, the Bourn­vita cor­ner, ob­vi­ously achieves its ob­jec­tive of cre­at­ing a strong vis­i­bil­ity. Talk about an en­gag­ing in­store com­mu­ni­ca­tion that sim­ply says it all!

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