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Shop­ping can be more than just a chore; it can be an en­ter­tain­ing ac­tiv­ity with loads of fun! And this is ex­actly what DDB Mu­draMax com­mu­ni­cated to shop­pers with their in­no­va­tive and en­gag­ing cam­paign at Big Bazaar. Read on for more…

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the se­cu­rity guard frisk­ing your bags and all of a sud­den pulls out an egg from your bag! How would you re­act? Sur­prised? Shocked? Well, for the shop­pers at Food Bazaar it was a mix of all these and more fi­nally dis­solv­ing in peels of laugh­ter! These shop­pers who were on their weekly mun­dane shop­ping tour were in for a very pleas­ant sur­prise, when the se­cu­rity guard at the exit also sud­denly turned out to be a ma­gi­cian! When DDB Mu­draMax re­ceived the client brief of en­ter­tain­ing and

en­gag­ing the shop­per, Aneil Deepak (pop­u­larly known as Andee), Head of Ideas - Cre­ative and Plan­ning, DDB Mu­draMax came up with a rather in­ter­est­ing and ex­cit­ing cam­paign that hap­pened to bring a smile and even laugh­ter to the few cho­sen shop­pers. Ac­cord­ing to Aneil Deepak, “Shop­ping is a chore re­volv­ing around deals and dis­counts. We wanted to see if we could add a few smiles to the math­e­mat­ics.” Talk­ing about the cam­paign and how it was ex­e­cuted, Aneil Deepak adds, “The se­cu­rity guard found some com­pany in a ma­gi­cian dressed like him. He would frisk the un­sus­pect­ing shop­pers and re­trieve items like eggs, dol­lars, toys, mops etc. Af­ter the ini­tial sur­prise, the ma­gi­cian would hand them a voucher that said ‘Ex­pect more than expected when you shop at Big Bazaar.’ “ While shop­ping is some­thing one has to do, it can be made fun and this thought process changes the way one looks at shop­per mar­ket­ing too. Says Aneil, “Big Bazaar is crowded by de­sign. To find an en­gage­ment zone was a chal­lenge. The only place where there was less ac­tion com­par­a­tively was at the frisk­ing place and we de­cided to add a lit­tle magic to this spot.” Well find­ing the right type of ma­gi­cian who is warm and charm­ing to the cus­tomers was a chal­lenge and it seems to have been met suc­cess­fully. The cam­paign was car­ried out at var­i­ous Big Bazaars in Mum­bai. Well, in a space where deals and dis­counts hog the space and shop­pers are in­un­dated with prod­ucts and brand mes­sages of dif­fer­ent kinds, such cam­paigns are like a breath of fresh air! The shop­pers at Big Bazaar would cer­tainly vouch for this. Talk about hav­ing a mag­i­cal time at shop­ping!

Aneil Deepak Head of Ideas - Cre­ative & Plan­ning DDB Mu­draMax

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