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This is one re­tail promo story with no ‘chip-chip’, like the fa­mous com­mer­cial of the brand fea­tur­ing the gor­geous Priyanka Cho­pra con­veys so vividly. With a range of prod­ucts that make a loud and clear state­ment in the per­sonal care cat­e­gory, Garnier is an in­ter­est­ing case study, where brand com­mu­ni­ca­tion at re­tail is con­cerned. This is par­tic­u­larly so given the chal­lenges of re­tail space and clut­ter. Point of Pur­chase gives you an in­sight into how the brand tack­les these trade chal­lenges and man­ages to achieve its brand po­si­tion­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion by high­light­ing some of its re­cent launches in re­tail. Read on…

Walk into any gen­eral trade or mod­ern trade space and it is hard to miss this ubiq­ui­tous brand. Not sur­pris­ing then that Garnier In­dia makes for a chunk of L’Oreal’s busi­ness in In­dia. With prod­ucts that boast of a range en­com­pass­ing skin care, hair care, hair colour and men’s groom­ing, Garnier has emerged as the brand with the high­est spon­ta­neous aware­ness among beauty brands. In 2002, it launched the Color Nat­u­rals cream hair colour in In­dia and to­day it is the num­ber one player in the hair colour mar­ket. Garnier Color Nat­u­rals was de­vel­oped es­pe­cially for In­dia with a range of shades that would ap­peal to In­dian con­sumers. And what’s more, this year, for its 10th an­niver­sary, the brand has launched the Garnier Color Nat­u­rals Sin­gle Use Pack - a small pack for sin­gle ap­pli­ca­tion de­signed to con­vert new con­sumers to mod­ern crème hair colour, es­pe­cially in Tier II and III cities. Speak­ing about the thought pro­cesses be­hind such prod­uct launches in In­dia Nathalie Ger­schtein, GM, Garnier In­dia, says, “We carry out reg­u­lar home vis­its and mar­ket vis­its to get con­sumer in­sights and feed­back for each cat­e­gory. We, at L’Oréal, be­lieve in con­stant in­no­va­tion. L’Oréal will soon have a Re­search and In­no­va­tion cen­tre in In­dia, where we will de­velop prod­ucts de­signed es­pe­cially for In­dian con­sumers. Some of our prod­ucts like the Garnier Color Nat­u­rals, Garnier Men Sweat+Oil Con­trol Fair­ness mois­tur­izer have been de­vel­oped es­pe­cially for the In­dian mar­ket. To­day it will be even more the case with our own lab­o­ra­to­ries in the coun­try.” Given this range, con­vey­ing its new prod­uct high­lights in the best pos­si­ble man­ner while stand­ing above com­pe­ti­tion in re­tail, can eas­ily be a Her­culean task. This is es­pe­cially so in the gen­eral trade and smaller re­tail for­mats where lever­ag­ing space is a huge chal­lenge. But the brand has ze­roed in on some in­no­va­tive op­tions to beat the prob­lem of re­tail space and con­straints while cre­at­ing brand aware­ness. For ex­am­ple, to reach var­i­ous re­tail for­mats in all cat­e­gories, the brand has cre­ated tai­lor-made pack sizes to pen­e­trate into the deeper pock­ets in In­dia (fair­ness sa­chets, sham­poo and con­di­tioner sa­chets, small 15ml face washes and now a small vari­ant for hair colour too). Says Nathalie, “In mod­ern trade, all our SKUs are present, whereas in gen­eral trade we go with a tai­lor made as­sort­ment more rel­e­vant to the out­let size and the con­sump­tion pro­file.” But ar­riv­ing at the right com­mu­ni­ca­tion story and plan an ef­fec­tive re­tail promo is chal­leng­ing on many ac­counts. For Garnier the pri­mar­ily chal­lenges are: a) Con­vey­ing prod­uct in­for­ma­tion b) Bal­anc­ing re­tailer con­ve­nience c) Strate­gic place­ment and pro­vid­ing easy reach for con­sumers and d) Cre­at­ing pur­chase trig­gers. Over­com­ing these chal­lenges in­volves hav­ing a holis­tic mar­ket­ing plan that is adapted to the re­tail en­vi­ron­ment. Says Nikhil Ku­mar, Man­ager -Mer­chan­dis­ing, Garnier In­dia, “We are very fo­cused on en­sur­ing we have an in­te­grated mar­ket­ing ap­proach to all our cam­paigns. All com­mu­ni­ca­tion-whether it’s Dig­i­tal, Me­dia or Point of Sale -- con­veys the same key mes­sage to our con­sumers. Garnier op­er­ates in var­i­ous cat­e­gories like Hair Care, Hair Color, Skin Care and Men’s Groom­ing - with each car­ry­ing a spe­cific colour code, com­mu­ni­ca­tion and feel which also get trans­lated in the mer­chan­dis­ing el­e­ments we de­velop for each of the cat­e­gories. While some chal­lenges are driven by share of space in store, oth­ers might just be about en­sur­ing the best look and feel in trade fit­ting the brand guide­lines.” He adds talk­ing about the re­tail vis­i­bil­ity chal­lenges in some of the re­cent launches by the brand in hair care, skin care and men’s groom­ing seg­ments, “In­no­va­tion, ed­u­ca­tion of the con­sumers and main­tain­ing the uni­for­mity of the brand Garnier across cat­e­gories were some of the chal­lenges we faced, which we have man­aged well.” Re­tail for­mat ob­vi­ously plays a crit­i­cal role for a brand like Garnier, which pri­mar­ily has its pres­ence in three kinds of trade – Gen­eral Trade, Mod­ern Trade and Whole­sale. The brand thus treats mer­chan­dis­ing so­lu­tions for each kind of trade as a dif­fer­ent chal­lenge. Says Nikhil, “All three en­vi­ron­ments are very dif­fer­ent from each other, and it be­comes es­sen­tial that we de­velop and de­vise dif­fer­ent strate­gies/plans and tools for our Point of Sale sep­a­rately. Even though the com­mu­ni­ca­tion, color schemes and ba­sic de­sign pat­terns re­main the same, we in­no­vate in terms of ma­te­ri­als, struc­tures and me­dia to best suit the re­quire­ment of the spe­cific trade.” He adds fur­ther on the brand’s strat­egy in terms of adapt­ing to dif­fer­ent re­tail for­mats and their in­her­ent chal­lenges, “The brand’s strat­egy in MT in­cludes in­no­va­tion in terms of brand ed­u­ca­tional tools, new de­signs, ma­te­ri­als and struc­tures to at­tract con­sumers and

drive the im­pulse to pur­chase, while in GT the POS so­lu­tions are adapted and high­lighted to stand out in a clut­tered en­vi­ron­ment space while also be­ing re­tailer-friendly at the same time.” Cen­tral to the brand’s whole ap­proach to vis­i­bil­ity and com­mu­ni­ca­tion seems to be its thrust on in­no­va­tion in all as­pects: the prod­ucts of­fer­ing, the ad­ver­tis­ing and us­age of new ma­te­ri­als and pro­duc­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties for POS so­lu­tions. Says Nikhil talk­ing about the POS innovations, “We have re­cently started ex­ten­sively us­ing ther­mo­form­ing tech­niques to at­tain pic­turesque looks for our Floor Stand­ing Units in MT and equally flaw­less re­sults for other POS like - Trays , ta­ble tops , shelf in shelfs etc.” Such innovations in term of ma­te­ri­als, along with con­sis­tency in main­tain­ing the brand’s iden­tity across cat­e­gories (green be­ing the brand colour), con­sid­er­ably add an edge to the brand’s re­tail pres­ence. The brand of­ten part­ners with Mum­bai based Spec­trum Scan (see box) for its mer­chan­dis­ing and POS so­lu­tions and the lat­ter ef­fec­tively trans­lates the brand’s re­tail com­mu­ni­ca­tion vi­sion into re­al­ity (see be­low for some spe­cific case stud­ies). Well, for a brand with such a large thrust on re­tail, and in-store cam­paigns, the re­tail jour­ney has ob­vi­ously thrown up some im­por­tant learn­ings. Says Nikhil, “Trade in In­dia is con­stantly evolv­ing and com­pa­nies need to move at the same pace of evo­lu­tion in terms of the POS so­lu­tions they pro­vide in trade. Our innovations in trade by in­tro­duc­ing re­tailer- friendly mer­chandi s i ng so­lu­tions and giv­ing con­sumers a pleas­ant shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence in MT en­vi­ron­ments have been well re­ceived by the mar­ket - which have re­sulted in suc­cess­ful launch cam­paigns and grow­ing sales pat­tern.” Speak­ing fur­ther about the im­pact the brand’s re­tail pres­ence and in-store cam­paigns have gen­er­ated, says Nikhil, “Garnier is one of In­dia’s big­gest beauty brands which has been grow­ing con­sis­tently at a healthy rate since it was in­tro­duced in In­dia in 1994. Our fo­cus on mer­chan­dis­ing has helped us build and de­velop our busi­ness in a healthy way. This year’s launches too have been well ap­pre­ci­ated in trade and very well ac­cepted by con­sumers.” And now let’s take a look at some spe­cific briefs by the brand for its dif­fer­ent prod­uct ranges as case stud­ies which were con­verted by Spec­trum Scan into dif­fer­ent dis­play op­tions that were ex­e­cuted at re­tail.


Prod­uct Fea­tures: This fo­cuses on 3 cat­e­gories -- Sham­poo, Con­di­tioner, Serum. The idea was to high­light the prod­uct’s 3-fold reg­i­men -- sham­poo, con­di­tion plus serum. It is a com­plete range, a first of its kind, which had to be com­mu­ni­cated through the mer­chan­dis­ing POS. The key com­mu­ni­ca­tion line was ‘Jun­glee hair -- set it straight’.

Brief: To de­velop a POS mer­chan­dis­ing which also uti­lizes re­tail space well in terms of stock hold­ing. Be­sides, it had to make the con­sumer aware of the prod­uct’s com­plete range.


Prod­uct Fea­tures: 100% Grey Cov­er­age. Mod­ern Car­ing For­mat (Cream), long last­ing colour, af­ford­able Price.

Brief: To have a plas­tic sleeve hanger for hold­ing 5 units in a sin­gle unit & also pro­vide for brand­ing space, be­sides be­ing cost ef­fec­tive. This in­no­va­tive piece of stock­ing unit helped the brand sell more at one go, and thus ef­fec­tively sat­is­fied the re­tailer needs as well.


Prod­uct Fea­tures: A unique flaw­less fair­ness cream with SPF 15 ben­e­fits.

Brief: The need was for a unique con­cept with which peo­ple could in­stantly re­late to the brand. The idea was to con­vey the brand ben­e­fits by bring­ing in the ‘cute’ fac­tor and cre­ate some­thing that would trig­ger in­stant at­trac­tion. Thus the brand hit upon the idea of us­ing the colours yel­low and green, with the visual of Priyanka Cho­pra as the brand am­bas­sador along with a cute Dal­ma­tian and a 3-D ther­mo­form­ing cutout of the prod­uct. All of these to­gether pro­duce the de­sired ef­fect and makes it a hard to miss unit. While in mod­ern trade, the fo­cus was on FSU, in gen­eral trade, the fo­cus was on en­sur­ing long -term vis­i­bil­ity on shelf and at re­tail cash points with an in­no­va­tive POS.


Prod­uct Fea­tures: Launched in March this year, this is the first 3-in-1 fair­ness fa­cial to hit the In­dian mar­kets with the new con­cept of: One prod­uct – Use in 3 dif­fer­ent ways.

Brief: To cre­ate a mer­chan­dis­ing so­lu­tion for GT/ MT that would high­light the prod­uct in a big way in the stores. The idea was to con­vey to con­sumer that is the first in­no­va­tive prod­uct with the three ben­e­fits of wash-scrub and mask. Thus the dis­play had to com­mu­ni­cate in a sim­ple way the “3 ways to use” con­cept of the brand and the ben­e­fits of the three ac­tions (wash, scrub, mask). Ac­cord­ingly, the need was to cre­ate pre­mium mer­chan­dis­ing dis­plays in mod­ern trade.


Prod­uct Fea­tures: This is the first ever fair­ness mois­tur­izer that con­trols sweat. En­riched with min­eral pow­der to ab­sorb the sweat, it gives a flaw­less glow and keeps the ‘chip-chip’ away. It thus meets the cru­cial need of women to keep their skin spot­less while keep­ing it ‘chipchip’ free Brief: To com­mu­ni­cate to con­sumers the com­plete range of ex­pert fair­ness

so­lu­tions avail­able from the brand which are: Garnier Light SPF 15 (spot­less glow), Garnier Light Oil Free, Garnier Light 3-in-one Fair­ness Fa­cial and the Garnier Light Face Wash and Scrub .


Prod­uct Fea­tures: This is the 1st mois­tur­izer for men with a light, non­sticky for­mula that de­liv­ers vis­i­ble fair­ness while con­trol­ling sweat and oili­ness.

Brief: To cre­ate in­no­va­tive POPs for GT / MT with the key line be­ing: “First fair­ness mois­tur­izer that fights sweat.”

Nikhil Ku­mar Man­ager - Mer­chan­dis­ingGarnier In­dia

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