NIVEA has carved a niche for it­self over the years as a re­li­able skin and per­sonal care brand and has never shied away from high­light­ing its po­si­tion­ing at re­tail. Point of Pur­chase has ear­lier pre­sented to you re­ports on the brand’s var­i­ous vis­i­bil­ity so

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As­far as the shop­per at re­tail is con­cerned, we fol­low a two point strat­egy. There has been good aware­ness of the brand over the time, Nivea be­ing a 100 years old brand, but we re­in­force it through ATL, and also try to repli­cate the same through var­i­ous touch points for the con­sumer and the shop­pers at the re­tail end. We work in two cat­e­gories, per­sonal care and skin care and these cat­e­gories also have their sub cat­e­gories. In skin care, we op­er­ate in body lo­tions, mois­tur­iz­ing creams, cold creams, lip care, face cleans­ing and Nivea for men – which again in­clude mois­turiser and face washes. In per­sonal care cat­e­gory we have de­odor­ants, tal­cum pow­ders, shower gels, soaps, and for men we have shav­ing and post shav­ing prod­ucts. For each sub cat­e­gory, we op­er­ate in a dif­fer­ent man­ner with the com­mon touch point be­ing the um­brella brand Nivea.

Cus­tomiz­ing POS Ma­te­rial - Cre­at­ing a cat­e­gory at re­tail

The key is de­cid­ing on the right POS Ma­te­rial for a cat­e­gory for both tra­di­tional and mod­ern trade. For ex­am­ple, when you look at skin care, it is more a loy­alty based cat­e­gory where con­sumers don’t re­ally change their most of­ten used brand be­cause there is a lot at stake. The shop­per is the con­sumer in most cases and when a shop­per tries out a prod­uct and it suits his/her skin, he/she tends to re­main loyal to that brand/prod­uct. But sub cat­e­gory like lip care is im­pulse-led. Now the chal­lenge in this cat­e­gory is that the prod­uct is very small, ide­ally you can’t place it on the shelf, and it also does not stand on its own as it is blis­ter packed on a card. So the only op­tion is to hang it via hooks. But you need the right space where it is vis­i­ble and once the shop­per looks at the dis­play, the propen­sity for pick up is very high. We lever­aged our shop­per un­der­stand­ing in lip care by cre­at­ing cat­e­gory space/wall units in tra­di­tional/mod­ern out­lets where both NIVEA and com­pe­ti­tion prod­ucts could be stocked. We pi­loted these units, stud­ied the re­sults and then scaled up the project on a na­tional level. The re­sults were awe­some, a +40% surge in off takes over run rate. In Mod­ern trade we lever­aged the im­pulse pur­chase by plac­ing hang­ers near the check­out coun­ters.

High­light­ing the prod­uct line im­agery

In other sub cat­e­gories such as de­odor­ants and body washes, the brand­ing is in tan­dem with the prod­uct line. We fo­cus on space in both pri­mary cat­e­gory and cash on op­por­tu­ni­ties for sec­ondary vis­i­bil­ity. For ex­am­ple, we have just launched a range called ‘Happy Time’ with orange ex­tracts with key propo­si­tion of “For Happy, Orange Kissed Skin”. Now this prod­uct range in­cludes a body lo­tion, a shower gel and a de­odor­ant. So what we did was to take up sec­ondary shelf dis­plays high­light­ing the com­plete reg­i­men of shower gel, de­odor­ant and body lo­tion with vi­su­als fo­cussing on or­anges to get in­stant con­nect.

Re­in­forc­ing the ATL Com­mu­ni­ca­tion

On the ba­sis of con­sumer need for un­der­arm whiten­ing we were the first to in­tro­duce the NIVEA Whiten­ing De­odor­ant and have roped in celebrity Anushka Sharma for en­dors­ing it. This was the first time NIVEA had roped in a celebrity for a prod­uct line and we wanted to lever­age the same at POS. So we cre­ated an FSU for Mod­ern Trade and self ser­vice stores which ex­plic­itly show­case her high­light­ing her whiter un­der­arms so as to es­tab­lish shop­per con­nect with the brand at POS. The idea in this case was to con­vey the end ben­e­fit and make the shop­per con­fi­dent enough to go sleeve­less. We have also kicked off mall ac­ti­va­tions such as ‘Go Sleeve­less’ in key met­ros, to re­in­force the mes­sage.

Cre­at­ing prod­uct aware­ness

One key chal­lenge par­tic­u­larly in Gen­eral Trade is the lack of shop­per aware­ness re­gard­ing the NIVEA prod­uct cat­e­gories or var­i­ous propo­si­tions. So we cre­ated NIVEA branded walls where we show­case not only one cat­e­gory but mul­ti­ple cat­e­gories. So it aides in a lot of cross cat­e­gory pur­chases. With this we found a growth of 35-40% over run rate in sales in these stores. And this is some­thing which is work­ing well for us and we plan to scale it up. The idea is to cre­ate a sec­ondary space to top up the pres­ence of the pri­mary cat­e­gory. In tra­di­tional trade the shop­per is more or less loyal to a store and is more or less aware of the lo­ca­tion of the cat­e­gory in the store. So this makes the pres­ence in pri­mary cat­e­gory must for pur­chase con­sid­er­a­tion. NIVEA branded walls aid in high­light­ing the over­all port­fo­lio and drive cross cat­e­gory pur­chase within the brand.

Branded Bou­tiques

In top end of the tra­di­tional stores where in place of pri­mary cat­e­gory, branded units are the norm we have also cre­ated branded bou­tiques, with back lit brand­ing high­light­ing Anushka as the brand am­bas­sador be­cause she is the con­nect be­tween the brand and what the shop­per sees in me­dia. This is also yield­ing very good re­sults for us.

Manag­ing launches

We take up a 3600 ap­proach while launch­ing new prod­ucts with launch pack­age in­clud­ing a ju­di­cious mix of ATL and BTL. At POS we place the new prod­ucts in both pri­mary cat­e­gory and take up ad­di­tional sec­ondary space; the idea is to high­light sep­a­rately the new launches and the key brand propo­si­tion which is si­mul­ta­ne­ously com­mu­ni­cated to the con­sumer via ATL. This is sup­ported at ground level by in-store ac­ti­va­tions also. For ex­am­ple, when we launched NIVEA SUN – World No.1 Sun care brand, we tried to con­vey the mes­sage of need­ing sun pro­tec­tion by cre­at­ing props like beach chair in our ac­ti­va­tion zones. Since the con­sumers look out for con­sul­ta­tions we also had in store pro­mot­ers who guided the shop­per and rec­om­mended the ap­pro­pri­ate prod­uct in tan­dem with their life­style and out­door habits. An­other ex­am­ple is the en­tire NIVEA FOR MEN range, which ap­par­ently is also World’s No.1 Men’s groom­ing brand, where we con­veyed our ex­per­tise by show­ing our four propo­si­tions: the face cleans­ing, face mois­turiser, pre-shav­ing with shav­ing foam/gel and the post shave with af­ter shave balm/lo­tion.

Fu­ture plans

The idea is to grow and take the cat­e­gory to the next lev­els. We see a lot of ac­tion hap­pen­ing in the fu­ture. Our en­deav­our is to make the right con­nect with the shop­per and the con­sumer the shop­per has to feel at ease when de­cid­ing to pick up a Nivea prod­uct from the re­tail space and that’s our en­deav­our. High in­vest­ments in trade will hap­pen and we are fol­low­ing a holis­tic ap­proach. In In­dia the per­sonal care and skin care cat­e­gory is grow­ing be­cause of higher con­sump­tion on ac­count of ris­ing dis­pos­able in­comes and bet­ter aware­ness. Peo­ple want to look and feel good. And there is a huge po­ten­tial for growth in dou­ble dig­its. In some cat­e­gories we are a player with a size­able mar­ket share, but in some other cat­e­gories we still have a long way to go. In­dia is a mar­ket which no one can dis­count at this junc­ture and the idea is to be part of this rally and be in a mu­tu­ally win -win sit­u­a­tion with the shop­pers by pro­vid­ing the right prod­ucts, at the right price and make them avail­able where the shop­per ex­pects them to be

Lalit Parnar Sales De­vel­op­ment HeadNivea

Swap­nil Desh­pande Shop­per & Cus­tomer Mar­ket­ingMan­ager, Nivea

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