In the bat­tle with the dreaded mos­qui­toes, the brand All Out now con­sol­i­dates its lead­er­ship po­si­tion with the launch of All Out Ul­tra, a su­pe­rior of­fer­ing in Liq­uid Va­por­izer seg­ment of­fer­ing its con­sumers the ben­e­fit of con­ve­nience while ef­fec­tively pro

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Amonth back, the mon­soon re­lieved us with pleas­ant show­ers. But it left in its trail a buzz of mos­qui­toes re­sult­ing from the dirty stag­nant wa­ter and open drains. In an ef­fort to beat this, All Out Ul­tra brings an in­no­va­tive smart chip based heater which of­fer con­sumers the choice of three modes, each one ideal for pro­tec­tion against mos­qui­toes de­pend­ing on their in­ten­sity. The Fast mode is ideal for evenings when it works on high re­lease rate for the first two hours be­fore au­to­mat­i­cally re­turn­ing to nor­mal re­lease rate, while the Smart mode is ideal for overnight us­age when the de­vice au­to­mat­i­cally al­ter­nates be­tween high mode and nor­mal mode. Turbo mode is ideal for high mos­quito in­fes­ta­tion sea­son like mon­soons when it stays on high re­lease rate all through, af­ter a fast start. The de­vice also has an Auto Cut off fea­ture wherein it switches off au­to­mat­i­cally af­ter 8 hours of us­age. While the key visual to com­mu­ni­cate the brand ben­e­fit was de­vel­oped by the brand’s ad­ver­tis­ing agency, Cir­cus En­ter­tain­ment, a Delhi based brand ac­ti­va­tion, events, re­tail So­lu­tions and film pro­duc­tion agency was the ex­e­cu­tion part­ner for the var­i­ous POSM (Point of sale ma­te­rial) for the launch at re­tail. These in­cluded Par­a­site Dis­pensers, Pri­mary Cat­e­gory Head­ers, End caps and Floor Stacks. Says Shivaji Dutta , Cre­ative Di­rec­tor of the agency, talk­ing about what went be­hind carv­ing the de­signs from a mere idea on a pa­per, “To high­light the tech­no­log­i­cal su­pe­ri­or­ity of All Out Ul­tra and cre­ate re­spon­sive­ness and reg­is­ter the brand name with the con­sumer was our prime ob­jec­tive. Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of Smart-Chip pro­tec­tion and the Key Hook was the fore­most con­cern of the de­sign. Be­sides, the mer­chan­diz­ing has been done to be adapt­able to var­i­ous visual op­por­tu­ni­ties in the Mod­ern For­mat Stores.” Here’s a close look at the var­i­ous dis­play com­po­nents and their func­tion­al­ity in the over­all mer­chan­dis­ing of the brand:

End cap: The end caps used are clut­ter break­ing with a com­plete makeover from the ex­ist­ing boxy look. The prod­uct shape was the start­ing point while de­sign­ing the end caps. In ad­di­tion to shape, the in­tro­duc­tion of the lit unit on the top shelf which serves as a plat­form for show­cas­ing the prod­uct as the hero of the com­mu­ni­ca­tion was an­other in­no­va­tion in the VM. Floor Stack: This was cre­ated wherein the brand was al­lowed to place box shaped stack giv­ing room for the prod­ucts to be placed on the sur­face. The struc­ture was sim­ple rep­re­sent­ing a floor stack look. The base of stack mor­phed it­self into a height-30 inches, width- 30 inches and cen­tral pole into a height- 48 inches dis­play. The lay­out is pre­mium with the prod­uct header cutout as the hero.

Par­a­site: The par­a­sites have the All Out brand­ing as a 3D cutout match­ing pack­ag­ing print thereby giv­ing it a pre­mium look. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion of the ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy em­ployed by the Brand could not be runof- the mill. It had to cue the pre­mium qual­ity of the prod­uct to con­sumers. And so ex­e­cut­ing the idea into ac­tual de­signs was fraught with an ar­ray of chal­lenges. “The real chal­lenge how­ever was to match the brand colours. It was tough I would say for the prod­uct pack was printed on a metal­lic foil pa­per with 5 colour spe­cial print­ing. To print colours on non-metal­lic medium and lime light the qual­ity of the prod­uct at the same time was not an easy job,” ad­mits Shivaji can­didly. “Talk­ing in terms of the ma­te­ri­als used for cre­at­ing the FSU’s sun board and vinyl has been used ex­ten­sively along with MDF

boards,” he adds. The launch of the brand fol­lows in­stal­la­tion of 112 end­caps, 42 floor stacks, and 480 par­a­sites on a wide scale be­ing de­ployed PAN In­dia at Tesco, Hy­per City, Re­liance, Sabka Bazaar, ABRL Hy­per in Ahmed­abad, Au­rangabad, Am­rit­sar, Ban­ga­lore, Chen­nai, Hy­der­abad, Mum­bai and New Delhi. For Shivaji, the ul­ti­mate mo­tive was to let the USP of the dis­plays reach the eyes of the shop­per. The USP be­ing the VM (visual mer­chan­diz­ing) em­ployed in cre­at­ing the lit unit or de­vice that acts like a plat­form to show­case the open prod­uct placed as a ‘hero’ on top of it. Also, the lit de­vice self-sus­tains as it does not re­quire an elec­tric­ity point to light up. This ac­cord­ing to him was an el­e­ment of sur­prise, never ex­e­cuted in Mod­ern Trade (MT) out­lets, across In­dia. Be­sides, the mer­chan­dize em­ployed is clut­ter break­ing, pre­mium look­ing and show cases di­verse as­pects of the new of­fer­ing. Well, Mod­ern Trade cer­tainly pro­vides the right set­ting for shop­pers to ex­pe­ri­ence prod­ucts and in­ter­act with the brands. And All Out cer­tainly lever­aged the space well. “We see this as a great op­por­tu­nity for All Out Ul­tra to in­ter­act with the con­sumers and for con­sumers to profit from this lat­est of­fer­ing,” sums up Shivaji

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