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Giv­ing a new lease of life to old but pre­mium prod­ucts, presto Zap­pato, pro­vides cus­tomised main­te­nance and re­fur­bish­ing ser­vices to its elite clien­tele. This ser­vice re­tail en­tity that aims to be a one-stop shop to re­fur­bish all your wardrobe needs, shares their story with Point Of Pur­chase. Old is not gold when it comes to bags, shoes and other valu­able ac­ces­sories es­pe­cially when they start peel­ing from the sides due to the hot and hu­mid In­dian cli­mate. As an an­swer, presto Zap­pato has opened its unique con­cept store which takes care of clean­ing, re­pair of valu­able items and ac­ces­sories. The flow of in­ter­na­tional brands in In­dia for the last cou­ple of years has been huge. Most high end fash­ion brands have a pres­ence in In­dia now. This en­try of pre­mium brands in In­dia cre­ated a mar­ket for main­tain­ing these pre­mium prod­ucts. presto Zap­pato was opened to fill in the gap of re­pair­ing these branded old goods and mak­ing them as good as new. Though the con­cept has been around for a long time, presto Zap­pato de­cided to tap this mar­ket of old pre­mium prod­ucts, thanks to the en­try of fancy in­ter­na­tional brands. Shar­ing their start-up story, Es­ther Len­naerts, CEO, presto Zap­pato team says, “presto was launched four and a half years ago. We pi­o­neered the con­cept of a clean­ing bou­tique. Not many knew what went in to a dry clean­ing. So we in­tro­duced that con­cept to the In­dian con­sumer and af­ter do­ing that, we grad­u­ally started tak­ing care of their gar­ments, shoes and bags – this is how presto Zap­pato was born. Ini­tially

all the process used to hap­pen in one store in Walkesh­war and the re­sponse has been amaz­ing. That’s when we de­cided to open a stand-alone store presto Zap­pato. Here each and ev­ery process takes place right inside the store with state of the art ma­chin­ery and with the best of the play­ers avail­able in the mar­ket.” Adding on the same lines they she says, “We wanted to be a one stop des­ti­na­tion for your com­plete wardrobe re­quire­ment, start­ing from head to toe. So what ever goes in your wardrobe, you bring in presto and we will do the need­ful, whether you want to clean it, whether you want to re­pair, re -colour, or dye­ing your prod­ucts or you want to do al­ter­ations we do it all. We are try­ing to make our store more com­pre­hen­sive.” Speak­ing on what makes presto Zap­pato dif­fer­ent and what shop­per in­sights went into their con­cept she adds, “We saw the need to pre­serve and main­tain pre­mium prod­ucts and in­crease their longevity. Af­ter spend­ing 60,000-70,000RS on In­ter­na­tional pre­mium bags when you find your fancy bag whose leather is start­ing to peel off, it will be hard to just throw away fancy bag. These ac­ces­sories are an in­vest­ment for a per­son and they cost a cou­ple of lakhs, and hence you don’t cer­tainly want to throw it in a dust­bin. That was the ba­sic idea of why we thought to in­tro­duce presto Zap­pato, so that you get an op­por­tu­nity to save and pre­serve your fash­ion in­vest­ment as you want.” Well, cer­tainly, presto Zap­pato cus­tomers are those who are ready to buy ex­pen­sive ac­ces­sories but do not wish to throw away when they need re­pairs or when they get ob­so­lete. They would rather get it re­mod­elled and that’s presto’s cus­tomised ser­vices come in. Com­ment­ing on these In­dian Shop­per be­hav­iour, says Es­ther Len­naerts, “Over the years the shop­ping be­hav­iour in In­dia has changed dras­ti­cally. One im­por­tant rea­son is the avail­abil­ity of new and bet­ter prod­ucts. The mod­ern re­tail has forced a change in the sup­pli­ers / man­u­fac­turer’s be­ing it be­cause of a wider choice of prod­ucts, bet­ter pack­ing and innovations.” Well, cus­tomers have cer­tainly re­sponded well to this con­cept. Ac­cord­ing to Es­ther, “We are im­prov­ing and learn­ing. We are a team of spe­cialised per­son­nel that pro­vides an op­tion of cus­tomiza­tion which pre­mium brands may not of­fer.” As expected in a ser­vice seg­ment, a large of the store’s suc­cess has been through word of mouth pro­mo­tion. No won­der presto is now look­ing at ex­pan­sion plans in Mum­bai and Delhi

Es­ther Len­naerts CEO Presto Zap­pato

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