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In the sub-sea seg­ment there are three ma­jor providers for com­mer­cial mul­ti­phase flow me­ter. For the top­side and off­shore seg­ment, there are around 15 providers for mul­ti­phase flow me­ter prod­uct. For sub-sea seg­ment all avail­able me­ters use a com­bi­na­tion of tech­nolo­gies to per­form mul­ti­phase flow mea­sure­ments.

Some providers use bulk im­ped­ance mea­sure­ment tech­nol­ogy to es­ti­mate the phase frac­tions. Ve­loc­ity mea­sure­ments are ad­dressed through Ven­turi and cross-cor­re­la­tion tech­niques. Th­ese me­ters are ca­pa­ble of mea­sur­ing mul­ti­phase flow in both wa­ter­con­tin­u­ous and oil-con­tin­u­ous states. This has been achieved by im­prov­ing elec­trode con­fig­u­ra­tions, im­ple­ment­ing faster elec­tron­ics and ad­vanced sig­nal pro­cess­ing al­go­rithms.

Mul­ti­phase flow me­ter us­ing mi­crowave to­mog­ra­phy with er­ror < 10% is also avail­able com­mer­cially. The claim here is ca­pa­bil­ity to es­ti­mate the phase frac­tion ac­cu­rately through to­mog­ra­phy and ad­dress the er­ror as­so­ci­ated with slip ve­loc­ity of liq­uid and gas through cross- cor­re­la­tion tech­niques. Apart from mi­crowave tech­niques, th­ese me­ters use a Ven­turi to mea­sure the bulk ve­loc­ity and also to con­di­tion the flow pro­file to be an­nu­lar be­fore the phase frac­tion mea­sure­ments.

Over­all, the mar­ket is con­verg­ing to­wards mea­sur­ing frac­tions, ve­loc­i­ties and den­si­ties of each phase sep­a­rately in or­der to achieve higher ac­cu­ra­cies.

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