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The sun’s to­tal en­ergy is com­posed of 7% ul­tra­vi­o­let ra­di­a­tion, 47% vis­i­ble ra­di­a­tion and 46% in­frared (heat) ra­di­a­tion.

Di­rect Ra­di­a­tion is the short­wave ra­di­a­tion that is able to pen­e­trate through the at­mos­phere with­out hav­ing been af­fected by con­stituents of the at­mos­phere in any way.

Dif­fuse Ra­di­a­tion is short­wave ra­di­a­tion that has been scat­tered by gases in the at­mos­phere. Scat­ter­ing is a process whereby a beam of ra­di­a­tion is bro­ken down into many weaker rays redi­rected in other di­rec­tions.

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