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be a great op­tion, as it would en­hance the gen­er­a­tion from so­lar, as the track­ing sys­tem will keep the pan­els be work­ing at frac­tion of its ca­pac­ity un­less fit­ted with

Typ­i­cally, for any plant small, medium, or big, en­ergy cost in terms of Rs/KWh mat­ters most. Of this equa­tion, Rs (Cap­i­tal Cost) is mostly mar­ket driven. This im­plies that to en­sure low­est cost of gen­er­a­tion, lower cap­i­tal cost will be a very handy tool. How­ever along with the lower cap­i­tal cost, dual axis track­ing will in­crease your en­ergy gen­er­a­tion, so that re­sul­tant frac­tion of Rs/KWh will be smaller. The dual axis tracker will al­ways have rel­a­tively, vis a vis fixed plant, higher Plant Load Fac­tor. Higher PLF will have bet­ter IRR and ROI val­ues of the plant.

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